How long can Mayfield keep it up?

by Gary Shelton on October 12, 2023

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Thursday, 4 a.m.

Are you convinced yet?

Are you on board?

Are you one of Baker’s Dozen?

Granted, he has had an impressive first month. He has made the Bucs  look very good, and he has made Cleveland and Carolina look very stupid. His wins are up. His average yardage per game is up.  His rating is up. He has led the Bucs to three wins, and he has proven to be a feisty, competitive cuss who has been worth a lot more than advertised. 

But has he sold you yet? Do you think his rebirth is simply a fast start, or do you think he is here to stay?

Again, he has been better than anyone would have suggested. But the NFL is a marathon. There are 13 games to go, including games against the 49ers and the Bills and the Saints (again). There are a lot of defensive players who are ready to bring Mayfield back to earth.

That said, the Bucs seem convinced. Tuesday, they announced that Mayfield was one of eight players named as a captain. He’s the only player in his first season with the team who was elected.

He just got here, and he's a captain. Sme as Kirk and Crunch and America and Nemo and the guy who hung out with Tennille.

“It’s truly an honor, because you’re voted in by your peers on the team,” Mayfield said. “It’s the highest level of respect you cab have. We have a ton of good leaders. It doesn’t  change anyone leadership roles, even you don’t have a ‘C’ on your chest.  We have a great team, we ave a lot of good leaders, and that’s why we’re going to have success as the year goes by.”

How much time does it take to turn around a reputation? A lot while, it seems. Rich Gannon, the old Raiders’ quarterback, got there. Geno Smith of Seattle is still  changing minds.

Look, Mayfield isn’t going to wow you with numbers. He’s sixth in quarterback rating, but he’s just 28th in yardage. 

The thing is, that’s not Mayfield’s strength. But if he needs three yards for a first down, he’ll lower his head. There is something to that. If he gets hit in the mouth, he’s going to get back up. There is something to that, too.

Four games ago, no one really knew that about Mayfield.

We know it now.

We just don’t know how long his run will last.

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