Criticism starts with Brady, where else?

by Gary Shelton on October 27, 2022

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Thursday, 3 a.m.

He is the biggest name on the team. Therefore, he is the biggest target.

The Bucs are his team, after all. Their expectations are his expectations. And so, in a season that has become lost along the way, there are those who point the finger at quarterback Tom Brady.

Suddenly, he is old. He is distracted by rumors of his marital discord. The silliest of fans look longingly toward Kyle Trask, who has never thrown an NFL pass.

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The Bucs' disappointments are his disappointments. He no longer is able to forgive the shortcomings of his teammates. And so the wolves are out.

Let's be honest. Brady hasn't been up to Brady's standards, either. He has thrown low and high, and he has looked skittish in the pocket. No one would think this is one of his top seasons. Maybe not one of his top 20.

But, for goodness sakes', how else are the Bucs going to beat anyone?

Are they going to beat you on defense? Ha. With the running game? Double-ha. With the offensive line? Are you kidding? With the pass rush? Not at all. It's fair to point out Brady's flaws, but the Bucs don't do one other thing particularly well.

So here we are, at 3-4. And while Brady has been sub-standard, too, he's still the team's best chance at making a first down. And one after that.

Take a cold look at this team. They've done a poor job rebuilding the offensive lines. The defensive lines are sub-standard. The secondary breaks down at the wrong moments. The receivers lack a burner. The draft class has provided very little help.

All of that will probably be their downfall again tonight. The Ravens are a team that has less gaping holes. Baltimore is only one game better than the Bucs at 4-3. But no team in the league is swooning as badly as the Bucs.

Sadly, it looks like the swoon will continue.

Prediction: Ravens 28, Bucs 10.

In other NFL games:

Atlanta 22, Carolina 20.

New Orleans 27, Las Vegas 14.

Philadelphia 24, Pittsburgh 17.

Buffalo 31, Green Bay 20.

New England 23, N.Y. Jets 10.

And in college games:

Houston 40, USF 12.

Miami 20, Virginia 17.

FSU 37, Georgia Tech 17.

Georgia 42, Florida 13.

Michigan 28, Michigan State 17.

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