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It’s time to kick off Ask Gary

February 12, 2015 College Sports in Florida

Anything you wonder? Have a point to ask? It’s your turn. Ask a question either in the comments section or by sending it to Want to talk about the Bucs? The Rays? That commercial where the doctors skate around the Lightning players? The Super Bowl? The college playoffs? Let’s have some fun with this, […]

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Random Thoughts: Don’t go to breakfast with Sapp

February 8, 2015 College Sports in Florida

Sunday, 6 a.m. Random thoughts: — Hi, I’m Richie Incognito. And as of now, Kraig Urbik’s lunch money belongs to me. — So now we know why Bruce Jenner wanted decathletes to wear figure skating uniforms all those years ago. — NBA commissioner Adam Silver says he’s in favor of tweaking the playoff structure. For […]

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My speech to the Clearwater Rotarians

January 21, 2015 College Sports in Florida

I spoke to the good folks at the Clearwater Rotary Club on Wednesday. Here are the notes to my speech. In questions, they wanted to know about inflate-gate, whether it had any affect on the final score (no), who the Bucs should draft (Winston unless they’re afraid of him). Wednesday, 4:55 p.m. Before there were […]

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To all fields: Bowden again is second in victories

January 17, 2015 College Sports in Florida

Saturday, 11:17 a.m. In Tallahassee… Once again, he is second best. Once again, he is the silver medalist. On the other hand, doesn’t Bobby Bowden’s statue look nice. These days, you’d have to visit an unnamed closet to visit Joe Paterno’s. You’ll find it in the back with your plaid sports coat. Content beyond this […]

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Here in Caboose City, we hunger to win another title

January 16, 2015 general

Friday, 11:22 a.m. We lose. That’s what we do. We fumble. We strike out. In the world of sports, we sit in the penalty box. This is the lot of Tampa Bay. Fourth Place Bay, you might call it. The place where end zones are the promised land, where drafts are hope, where new coaches […]

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To all Fields: Mariota vs. Winston still a question

January 3, 2015 College Sports in Florida

Saturday, 12:01 p.m. Marcus Mariota won. Mariota was more elusive. Mariota was more efficient. Mariota was more explosive. Mariota was ore of a boy scout. So if you’re the Tampa Bay Bucs, you have to prefer Mariota, right? Or do you? Content beyond this point is for members only.

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Thank goodness the year 2014 is over for Tampa Bay

January 1, 2015 College Sports in Florida

Thursday, 2:15 p.m. Is it safe yet? Is 2014 over? And if not, could we please shoot it? Wow, what a terrible year we just finished. You couldn’t blame a Tampa Bay sports fan for hiding underneath the coffee table until it was all over. If losing was a disease, then Tampa Bay would be […]

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To all fields: The fortune of missing on Cutler

December 20, 2014 College Sports in Florida

  In Tampa… What if they had pulled it off? What if, back in 2009, the Tampa Bay Bucs had gotten their man? In that case, Jay Cutler would be a Buc. And, if you could believe it, today would be even more embarrassing. I don’t know about you, but that was the first thing […]

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Ask the Expert: Scot Brantley

December 16, 2014 College Sports in Florida

Scot Brantley was an all-American linebacker for the University of Florida and played eight seasons with the Tampa Bay Bucs. He has been a radio host in Florida for years. He follows not only the Gators but all of college football. Each week, Scot answers your questions on To ask Scot a question, you […]

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To all fields: David makes his impact without sacks

December 13, 2014 College Sports in Florida

…in Tampa. He missed the Pro Bowl last year. Frankly, he might miss it again this year. On the other hand, Lovie Smith doesn’t need an all-star game to convince him about the abilities of linebacker Lavonte David. To him, David is the best player at his position in the league. It doesn’t matter than […]

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