Being his own defensive coach worked for Raheem

by Gary Shelton on August 23, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hello, I am Raheem Morris. And I think it's a fine idea for head coach Lovie Smith to be his own defensive coordinator. It worked out swimmingly for me.

– Forget Augusta. Let Tiger Woods tell you about the glory that is Greensboro. Now, that's golf.

– Bucs' receiver Mike Evans makes the USA Today list of five underrated players in the NFL. "Underrated'' means he's stuck on a team that doesn't deserve him.

– It's not that the Redskins are trying to get Robert Griffin III hurt. But, um, do you think he would mind holding one of Jason Pierre-Paul's firecrackers while he played?

-- Even after he's gone, no one is forgetting Lee Roy Selmon. He made the first unit on the Football Writers' 75-year team. And he'll make it in another 75.

– An article on ESPN talks about Chase Utley being a “borderline'' Hall of Famer. Right, it you're talking about the Mexican border....and you're in Wisconsin.

– Here's a question. You have money to buy a used car. Do you buy one from Roger Goodell? Or from Tom Brady?

– A prediction: FSU running back Dalvin Cook gets off. There is no video, the witnesses will offset each other, and Judge Wapner is busy.

– The good news is that Josh Freeman threw a 56-yard touchdown. The bad news is that his other four passes were incomplete. And every other Dolphin quarterback hit more than half of their passes. Which means it's getting near time to get a resume typed up.

-- Once, I used to think that the Tour de France was a race between cyclists who had dedicated their lives to the sport. Now, I think it's a competition between Dr. Jeckyll and Dr. Frankenstein.

– A six-member jury has been picked for the trial of Dalvin Cook of FSU. It wouldn't have taken so long, but it was hard to find six citizens who haven't been beaten up by a player.

– Golfer Andreas Harto proposed to his girlfriend after a birdie. Tiger Woods used to make lots of birdies ... and lots of proposals.

– I know he's a much classier guy than I am, but I keep picturing Thomas Rongen laughing at the TV and saying "one-year plan my rear end!''

– Peyton Manning suspects that the New England Patriots might have bugged the visitor's locker room. That's just silly. And do you supposed Manning would stand a little closer to the light bulb when he talked?

-- So, as the Rays struggle with .500, what do you think their winning percentage would be if Joe Maddon was still here? That's right. About .500.

– John McEnroe, still headline hunting, says he could beat Serena Williams in a match. Goodness, even the sons of the memories of McEnroe are dead. Who cares?

– Jason Licht is ranked No. 31 of NFL general managers by the Sporting News, ahead of only the Raiders' Reggie McKenzie. Licht, in response, ranked the Sporting News 35th in his list of sports-based magazines. So there. Lovie Smith, by the way, was 22nd in the coach rankings. Ah, stature.

– So, the NFL couldn't get this level of commissioning for, say, $35 million?

-- Robert Allenby, nutbar, has a fight with caddy Mike Middlemo, goofball. Does that about cover it?

– Donald Trump says the NFL has mistreated his good friend Tom Brady. Just wondering: If they deflated the hot air out of the Donald, how much would he weigh?

– Aaron Hernandez has been involved in his third prison fight since going into the slammer. The guy fights more than Ronda Rousey. Just not as well.

– Speaking of prison, O.J. Simpson is now sharing a cell with a sex deviate, reports say. The deviate complained.

– Wow. Talk about bad advertising. Dominick's Supermarkets must pay Michael Jordan $8.9 million for using his name and number advertising steak. The results?  Two ads were redeemed. Two.

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