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by Gary Shelton on January 5, 2017 · 0 comments

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supplJerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting questions will be selected.

Thursday, 5 a.m.

It’s been a long time since an NFL coach retired because of his health. Where does Denver look now that Gary Kubiak has stepped down?

I think the Broncos will go with an offensive-minded coach.

I would guess he’d look at a Shanahan very hard, either senior or junior. Kyle didn’t have a good experience with John Fox, someone he really had no working relationship with prior to hiring at Denver. Either Shanahan brings the offensive mind he wants, as well as a personal familiarity he’d be comfortable with.

It wasn’t surprising that San Francisco replaced Chip Kelly, but it was a little surprising that they did so after one year. It was the 49ers second straight one-and-done coaching job. Is that any way to get ahead?

No, but you don’t want to stay behind either. Once you determine a coach doesn’t have what it takes or what you’re looking for -- and it’s very obvious-- then you need to make the change.

It is very unusual to do so after one season, but I think in the Niners situation this had as much to do with their ex-GM as anything. He hired him and they don’t want to hire a new GM and tell him he has to keep Kelly. I personally think Kelly is a poor NFL head coach. He hasn’t done a thing that makes him special in any

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area. The only thing worse than making a mistake is justifying it. The Niners did the right thing.

Several members of the Giants — including Odell Beckham — flew to Miami this week to party with Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber. Considering this week’s wild-card game against Green Bay, is this smart? Or am I being an old grump?

I think it’s ridiculous. It’s first and foremost about the team during the season. What does this say about their attitude toward their teammates and what lies ahead?

You can say it’s on their free time all you want. When players think only of themselves, then they are putting themselves ahead of the team. It’s pretty simple, whatever you do the question you need to ask yourself is “How does this affect the team?" Anything a player does on his free time affects the team, directly or indirectly, particularly if he is high profile. So you answer the question.

Say the available athletes grade out the same. If you ran the Bucs, would you draft a running back, a receiver, an offensive lineman or a safety? How are the positions valued?

The positions are valued by their importance like this: O-lineman, Safety, Running Back, Receiver. Value of position is based on supply and demand, as well as need.

In the Bucs' case they should take the best lineman available, unless there is a player at one of the other positions you deem “Special.” You never pass on a special player at any position. Where the Bucs are picking in this year’s draft, I doubt very seriously their will be a special player at their spot. Hey another pass rusher wouldn’t hurt either.

The Browns sent a letter to their fans apologizing for being a “factory of sadness.” That factory has been open for years, hasn’t it?

The Browns need to do more than apologize to their fans. They need to get a grip on the reality of what it takes to build a team and a respectable front office. Right now, they are the worst in the league at both.

The Browns don’t need to apologize, they need major changes in order to do what every team in the league has done at one time or another in the last 20 years and that’s win. Fans don’t want apologies. It’s a weak sister’s excuse of saying I’m sorry. To me, that’s pathetic. Show some grit!

New England fans keep chanting “MVP” at Tom Brady. But does missing four games remove him from contention?

I t really makes him more of a candidate. You can easily make a case for him being the league’s MVP. His biggest problem is people are tired of seeing him. He makes things look so easy, that it’s hard to give him the credit he deserves sometimes. This year is another case of this.

Here’s an odd statistic: The Carolina Panthers have had great seasons, but they’ve never had a winning season back-to-back. Any explanation?

That’s hard to believe. I guess they just can’t handle prosperity.

Trent Dilfer and Adam Shefter of ESPN are in a spat over the asking price of Jimmy Garoppolo. Shefter says the Pats will want a first- and a fourth, and Dilfer says that’s way too high. Thoughts in trading for a high-profile backup?

I would be very leery of taking anyone from the Patriots. History shows their ex-players rarely perform to expectations. They are so well-schooled within their system they all look good.

The question obviously is how good. Remember the trade KC made with them for Matt Cassel and an ex- Pat executive made the trade. How did that work out?

I like Garoppolo a lot. I would give up a high pick for him (but maybe not that high). He is no more a gamble than a high round draft pick. Remember, he was drafted high when he came out. So there was a lot of interest in him and he had a stellar college career. He hasn’t done anything but show good things when he’s had to play. It’s not his fault he’s backing up a Hall Of Fame quarterback. I would go with Shefter on this one.

As an example: If I had a top 10 pick, I’d offer to flip 1’s and give them my 3rd round pick. That’s something that might get their attention, while preserving the ability to get a good player.

Which of the non-playoff teams do you like to get back int the tournament next year?

I would probably go with Denver. They have their quarterback position established. The one thing you have to have to contend for a playoff spot, as well as have a top defense. Carolina and Baltimore will back, but right now Denver is the best bet. Even though it doesn't have a head coach in place, all the pieces are in place to contend next season.

Jerry’s Picks

Raiders at Texans

Flip a coin. I’m going with the home team on this one.

Lions at Seahawks

I think Lions are going to play well on the coast and have the first upset in round one of the playoffs.

Dolphins at Steelers

Steelers are going to bring the celebratory party the Dolphins have been having for making the playoffs to an end.

Giants at Packers

I’m going with the Pack, a red-hot Rodgers is going to be to hard to overcome in the frigid conditions the Giants are going to face in Green Bay.

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