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by Gary Shelton on October 8, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Saturday, 4 a.m.

Former Bucs’ quarterback Steve Young said this week that, when he was with Tampa Bay, an official was trying to push his daughter onto him. Young even said the Bucs got a favorable call over it. Does that strike you as genuine? I mean, the Bucs didn’t get a lot of breaks while Young was here.

I think it's absolutely ridiculous, and for Young to bring it up is more ridiculous. Even if there was some truth to it, how do you prove it and even more, who cares? The Bucs were awful and unfortunately during his time in Tampa, so was he. I have great respect for Young, both as a person and player, but to bring something up like that makes no sense.

Maybe he thought he was talking to the National Enquirer.

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Teammates say Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant may have missed 20-40 meetings in his career. How can a guy even function?

He functions based on his God-given talent and an organization that allows him to get away with his immature self-centered attitude.

There is a reason why Dallas underachieves and continues to make more headlines off the field than on it. They have no concept of team building. They think you can buy a locker room and the only chemistry you need to win are players with athletic prowess, who may or may not be absent of character. I’m not saying that about all Cowboy players. They have some great players with great character, but they always seem to find and keep enough bad apples to spoil the barrel.

Jameis Winston has thrown eight interceptions in a month. Obviously, he needs better weapons around him. But have other quarterbacks made strides to cut down on their turnovers?

I said this two years ago about Jameis; He is a franchise quarterback. You can build your team around him, but his biggest problem transferring from college to the pros is his love of his arm.

It’s not uncommon for players with his arm talent to try and make plays regardless of the odds. But at the professional level those windows that you had in college are much smaller now. I don’t question his heart and competitive nature, but when your adrenaline gets to the brain bad things happen. He needs to learn, as the sole care taker of the offense, your number one rule is to protect the ball. At some point, it’s going to sink in. I think after his performance against the Broncos that he will look at things differently if he wants to win and earn the respect of his teammates and coaches.

Tom Brady returns to the NFL this week. Do you think he’ll have rust?

No, you’ll see the same Brady you have come to know over the years. He is the consummate pro in every sense of the word. He will look as sharp and methodical as any quarterback in the league.

Who was the Week 4 MVP to you?

Matt Ryan, with 11 touchdowns, has thrown for over
1,400 yards (72% competition rating) in the first month of the season and has a 126.3 rating. His team is 3-1.

One month into the season, what’s your biggest surprise. That Philadelphia is 3-0 or that Arizona is 1-3?

I’d have to say Arizona being 1-3. They had their team intact from last year and outside of quarterback Carson Palmer, their players are still well into their prime.

Sometimes teams expect to win, only because of what they did their previous season. Obviously it doesn’t work that way. Every year a team has to earn its place and create its own identity. Nothing can ever be assumed or you get a real wake call as the Cardinals, Panthers and Chiefs are experiencing.

Both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are leading the NFL in yardage for passing and receiving. Who’s the better player of the combo?

In my mind, there is no question, it’s Julio Jones. He is an incredible athlete, who is highly competitive. His size, speed, hands and run after catch ability are special. He makes quarterbacks look good.

Did you understand Dirk Koetter’s reasoning when he punted with seven minutes to play and down by 20 points? He said after watching the Bucs offense, he didn’t think they’d make it. But as coach, isn’t that his job?

He is the head coach. He’s paid to know his team. To me, it’s who you have the most confidence in when the game is on the line, your defense or your offense. In my opinion, I’m going with their offense, because their best player is behind center and he’s the guy I’m going with.

Dallas police have concluded that Aqib Talib shot himself. Remembering Plaxico Burress, what do you think the NFL should do if anything?

I think they should have put a “Dunce Hat" on him and make him wear it during the game when he is not mandated to wear his helmet. I mean really, where does dumb end? Guys are making millions of dollars, while literally shooting themselves in the foot.

Monday nights’ Bucs-Panthers game could be affected by Hurricane Matthew. What is the contingency if the weather is too tough to play in?

Play it in Atlanta!

In our weekly best-ever category, today’s team is the New Orleans Saints. Is their best ever player:

a) Drew Brees
b) Archie Manning
c) Morton Anderson
d) Rickey Jackson
e) Joe Horn

All great players, Brees is the winner in this one. He took a good team and turned them into a great one and has a world championship ring to show for it.

Jerry’s picks

Bengals at Cowboys

The Bengals will continue their one game streak against the defenseless Cowboys.

Texans at Vikings

The Vikes are hot and aren’t going to lose at home.

Bucs at Panthers

Panthers. If Newton plays, he'll  show his young Buccaneer protege what it takes to get out of a manhole.

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