Shouldn’t A-Rod have expected a day like this?

by Gary Shelton on June 21, 2015 · 0 comments

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Random Thoughts.

Hello, I'm Alex Rodriguez. And when I said that I didn't know this day would ever come, I mean it. Even though the directions did say “Three Thousand Hits in a Jar.''

– Just think of it this way: For two rounds at least, there are more Tiger shots for TV to show. Lots more.

–  Yay. New Orleans owner Thomas Benson has been ruled mentally competent. The rest of the NFL owners can line up for tests of their own.

– Hope Solo tells People she wishes her name was cleared. Bonnie Parker, of course, said the same thing.

– Alex Rodgridge says he never thought this day would ever come. Even though, as I understand it, the bottle of pills promised “Three Thousand Hits in a Jar.''

– Oh. So when Gary Player says the U.S. Open course was unplayable, he didn't just mean by Tiger Woods.

– There are rumors that Mike Tyson, 49, will return the ring to fight James Toney. 47. When? During the Early-Bird Special?

– Chip Kelly was paying $11,000 a month for a condo? Sort of makes you question his second down play call, doesn't it?

– Here's an idea for an evening out. There are plans to have a Tonya and Nancy Rock Opera coming to New York. Starring Conrad Dobler as Tonya.

– Dennis Rodman says he would date Caitlyn Jenner. Now, there's a sacrifice.

– Herschel Walker says he could still play at 53? The Minnesota Vikings immediately sent two more No. 1s and  a No. 2 to the Dallas Cowboys.

– If I'm Max Scherzer, I'm blaming the course at the U.S. Open.

– I keep hearing Pete Rose is getting nearer to Cooperstown. I think he's somewhere near San Diego, and the traffic is moving slow.

– Jameis Winston is looking forward to playing against J.J. Watt? Not with this offensive line, he isn't.

-- Serena Williams is training for Wimbledon by dancing to The Sound of Music. I guess she started it before the Austealian Open with theme from Crocodile Dundee.



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