Looking back at Bucs loss to the 49ers

by Gary Shelton on November 21, 2023

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Tuesday, 4 a.m.

5 Thoughts

  1. Just wondering. If another car passes Jamel Dean as he drives to work, and it doesn’t hit him, does it injure Dean anyway?

2. How long before Baker Mayfield is tall enough to ride a roller-coaster?

3. He could attack the line of scrimmage harder sometimes, but one Buc I feel sorry for is Rachaad White. Most backs run to daylight. White could use a good night light.

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4. From now on, I propose we refer to the Bucs’ secondary as a thirdary. Maybe a fourth.

5. Is it me, or did the 49ers’ domination start in the general manager’s office?


(From Todd Bowles day-after press conference)

(On if there’s a reason Diaby played less than Tryon-Shoyinka if Ya-ya Diaby was playing better): “He didn’t get [his sacks] all in the first quarter like when we say, ‘Let’s stay with him, he’s on a 50-point night,’ like basketball. He got them throughout the game. Week in and week out, he’s been making some splash plays, but understanding the scheme is way more important of what we have to do as well, and he’s coming along with that. We’re fine at the pace we have him in, and we have a plan for him.”

(On his thoughts on how the cornerbacks played): “Obviously, [we] got beat on the deep ball. You know, [San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon] Aiyuk made a good play, [Jamel] Dean mistimed a jump, and Carlton [Davis III] gave up a man[-to-man] play. When you play man, you have to have a short-term memory. Last week we played very well, [and] this week they made some plays on us.”

(On if he needs more production from LB Devin White especially if LB Lavonte David might miss some time): “The defense has to be more productive. It’s not just Devin. Everyone has to produce more. When you lose a starter, everybody has to make more plays. We don’t sit and compare. Someone could come in two plays, and have two sacks, [and] that doesn’t mean we are going to play him 50 plays. They have productive things when they do them, but there is a reason why they are not playing. We’re happy with everybody, [and] the way they are playing. We have to get more production out of everybody, [and] we know that.”

(On why he thinks the offense was not able to finish the drives in the fourth quarter): “It wasn’t just redzone offense. We could have made some plays on defense in the third quarter, we could have made some plays on special teams. We made one in the fourth quarter to get us down there, we had chances to make it close, and even try to take the lead if we got in, but one time the ball got snapped early. We just [have] to execute when you get down that far. I thought we moved the ball between the 20s – we moved the ball pretty [well]. We [have] to find a way to punch it in the end-zone, and that’s holding us back. [It is] the small things that are holding us back from winning these ballgames.”

(On why the pass defense has been struggling as of late): “Sometimes it’s the rush not getting there, [or] sometimes it’s the secondary. It’s a combination, it’s a defensive thing, [and] it’s not a secondary thing. At certain times they get beat, and all you see on TV is the defensive back getting beat, but you don’t see the whole play. It’s a combination of the defense. The coaches [have] to coach it better, the players [have] to play it better, so we are all in it together. We’re not putting blame on anybody, and we’ll work on it.”

Game balls

Offense: The Bucs aren’t very good with Baker Mayfield. But he does get most of their yardage.

Defense: Antonio Winfield had a combined 16 tackles.

Special teams: Deven Thompkins had a 51-yard punt return.


Quarterback: His fourth quarter red zone was bad. Grade, C.

Running back. You need a microscope to measure some of these runs. Grade: F.

Offensive line: Are we sure the Bucs have enough players? Grade: D-.

Defensive line: Brock Purdy could have played in flip-flops.Grade: D.

Linebacker: The Bucs missed Lavonte David. Grade: C.

Secondary : Shouldn’t somebody, anybody, make a play eventually? Grade: F-.

Power Rankings

  1. Kansas City
  2. Philadelphia.
  3. Baltimore
  4. Detroit.
  5. Dallas.

24. Tampa Bay

Bottom 5

32. Carolina

31. Arizona

30. New England

29. N.Y. Giants

28. Chicago

The Invisibles

  1. Joe Tryon-Shoyinka. No tackles, no assists.

2. Chase Edmonds. Two yards per carry.

3. Trey Palmer. One catch.

4. Logan Hall One tackle, one assist.

5. Devin White. Are we sure he isn’t holding out?

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