Looking back on the Bucs loss to Falcons

by Gary Shelton on October 24, 2023

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Tuesday, 4 a.m.

5 Thoughts

  1. Remember all those predictions about what a dismal season the Bucs were going to have? Well, they're back.

2. Here's a prediction. In their next six games, the Bucs will also be 3-3. At best.

3. In another life, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka was named Booker Reese.

4. They're old, and they've lived hard. But I still say The Rolling Stones could open more holes than this offensive line.

5. In another life, Rashaad White was named Lars Tate.


(From Todd Bowles day-after press conference)

(On what he thinks the problems are with the run game): “It’s the same thing. Sometimes it’s a block here and there, sometimes we miss the cut completely. Whether it’s a lineman or a receiver, we just have to do better as a group.”

(On what needs to be done in the red zone): “Obviously, we’ve got to score – that comes with execution. We’ve just got to score the ball. It’s got to be a focus all the way around. The focus is there, we’ve just got to execute better.”

(On if it makes it harder in the red zone if the team can’t run the ball effectively): “I think they’re always going to be tight. I think the plays we have, we just didn’t execute them well enough. We’ve just got to do a better job coaching it and playing it, and that goes for both sides of the ball.”

(On if the defense needs to handle the bigger moments better): “We need to handle all situational football games better. You can’t play great, then have a few plays here or there to say, ‘If it could’ve been for this or would’ve been for that.’ Again, we can coach it better from a defensive coaching standpoint and they can definitely play it better.”

(On his defense being last in the league on third down stop rate): “It’s not a good place to be. We gave up a few more third-and-longs than we wanted to. It’s either third-and-long or third-and-1. You know, third-and-1 is not a good percentage for us. Third-and-long, you think is a good percentage for us. We’ve been out of position here and there and they made a play or two. We’ll get better at that, and I don’t expect to finish last there. We’re working at that every day, and we are going to make some improvements there.”

Game Balls

Offense: Yeah, he threw a bad fourth-quarter interception. But if not for Baker Mayfield, would the Bucs have been close?

Defense: On s defense where you can forget about some players being on the field, Lavonte David always shows up.

Special teams: Jake Carmada averaged48 yards s punt.


Quarterback: He's limited, but he's feisty. Mayfield's 31-yard run helped the Bucs pull into a tie. Grade: B.

Running back: Invisible again. Grade: F.

Offensive line: No fight here. Grade: F.

Defensive line: Shaq Barrett had a decent day, but there wasn’t much impact: Grade: D.

Linebackers: David needs al little help, okay? Grade: A-.

Secondary: Too many big plays surrendered. Grade: D.

Power Rankings

  1. Kansas City

2. San Francisco

3. Philadelphia



19. Tampa Bay

Bottom 5

32. Carolina

31. Arizona

30. Chicago

29 Denver

28. N.Y. Giants

5 Invisible Bucs

  1. Rachaad White

2. Matt Feiler

3. Trey Palmer

4. Vita Vea

5. Ke'Shawn Vaughn

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