Bucs must rebuild their offensive line

by Gary Shelton on April 26, 2023

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Thursday, 3 a.m.

-- Whenever I hear about the Bucs taking a right tackle and playing him on the left sides I remember Kenyatta Walker, who was too stiff too pull it off.

The Bucs loved Walker. I still remember an offensive coach showing me the team's want list, and Walker was first (he went ```14th. But there was a reason he was nicknamed Pinata Walker.

-- Ah, yes. It's the NFL Draft, with gives the Bucs a new reason to pick Booker Reese, Vinny Testaverde, Josh Freeman, Lars Tate, Jameis Winston, Trent Dilfer, Keith McCants, Charles McRae, Walker, Vernon Hargreaves, Robert Aguayo. Dexter Jackson, Brian Price and Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Just to mention a few.

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-- No one seems to have any earthly idea where Kentucky quarterback Will Levis is going, but he'd have to have a massive fall to get to the Bucs. Still, some mocks have him there, which brings up this: The Bucs would have to be sold he's a decade guy to take him. You don't want two high draft picks watching Baker Mayfield play.

-- Speaking of which, a lot of people are a lot higher on Mayfield than I am. Still.

-- I love the rampant conspiracy theories over Lamar Jackson. Put it this way: Let Baltimore announce they won't match the offer if someone is willing to trade two first-round draft picks for him, and teams would leave skid marks getting to their door. As it is, why should a team do the Ravens' negotiatingwork for them?

-- I know running backs are devalued these days, but I'd rather have Bijan Robinson than the fifth-best offensive tackle. Of course, Robinson won't slide that far, either.

-- I understand that the Bucs make a lot of mediocre quarterbacks look special. But every year, some oafs have the Bucs taking a corner first, and they don't. This year, when they'd have to pay millions for a nickel, they won't either.

-- So if the Bus move Tristan Wirfs to left tackle, and Robert Hainsey to left guard, and Ryan Jensen is back off an injury at center, and Luke Goedeke plays. right guard, and a rookie plays right tackle, you know what that adds up to? Fifty sacks, that's what.

-- If I'm the Bucs, and I don't like what I'm hearing from Devin White, I give him a Lamar Jackson offer. Let him go out and negotiate elsewhere, and the team can either match it or take an inflated return.

-- If the Bucs trade down to take, say, Anton Harrison of Oklahoma, could they recoup their missing fourth-round draft pick? Maybe more?

-- After they traded down last year to take the invisible Logan Hall, however, I might never move backward again.

-- Please convince me this team won't draft Joe Tryon-Shoyinka again.

-- At the University of Florida, they love their old quarterbacks (Steve Spurrier, Danny Weurffel, Tim Tebow). But no one seems to love Anthony Richardson. What does that tell you?

-- Do you think Kyle Trask can get his completion percentage up above .333? He's hitting less than Randy Arozarena.

-- When does the rush start for Donovan Smith, Leonard Fournette, Julio Jones and Akiem Hicks? There is a storewide special going on.

-- Five possible picks to praise: 1. Darnell Wright, OT; 2. broderick Thomas, OT, 3. Bijan Robinson, RB, 4. Lukas Van Ness, Edge; 5.Anton Harrison, OTa

-- Five possible picks to avoid: 1. Anthony Richardson, QB; 2. Michael Meyer, TE; 3. Dalton Kincaid, TE; 4. O'Cyrus Torrence, G; 5. Steve Avila.

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