Looking back on Bucs’ loss to Carolina

by Gary Shelton on October 25, 2022

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5 Thoughts

  1. And at what point, exactly, did Joel turn to Bryan and ask "Why are we paying that for this?"`

2. The latest cute little rumor is that Bruce Arians left because he could see the team was headed for trouble. Hogwash. Was Arians supposed to predict this team could botch it up against a weak Pittsburgh and weaker Carolina team? Can we go back to the rumor that Arians was forced out?

3. Anyone calling Kyle Trask's name should be ignored.

4. Just who, exactly, got into the old Mike Shula gameplans?

5. Just for the record, I oppose all interim coaches. But I'm willing to discuss it.


(From Todd Bowles day-after press conference)

(On alternating between OL Luke Goedeke and Nick Leverett at left guard): "They are both very physical. Both were neck-and-neck going into training camp, going into the season. Obviously, Luke won it out. Leverett's won some playing time so we started getting him some in there. Luke was nicked up a little bit as well, so we got Leverett a little more time. They both fought hard and played hard, and we've just got to get better."

(On if rookie RB Rachaad White should have an increased role and maybe even be the starter): "He's not running back one, but he should get some more plays. We've always talked about it every week. He does some good things when the ball's in his hands, he does some good things when he's out there. Obviously, Leonard [Fournette] is a great running back as well, so we've got to find a happy medium and have both of them touch the ball."

(On the defense playing well for much of the game before struggling later in the second half in recent weeks): "They have to play four quarters. It's really a focus thing, and there are things that we've done every day all day. And I can't explain why at this time but the things that happened yesterday in the fourth quarter and the second half especially, the three busts we had that really cost us some things were inexcusable and are some things we put in day one since we've been here. So, it wasn't something that had to be taught or re-coached or re-taught. We've just got to focus and we've got to learn how to have a killer instinct and finish three quarters."

(On why the offense is having trouble on third down): "I don't think it has been well on third down the past few weeks. It's something we work on all the time, execution-wise. You can say some false starts, you can say some lack of route progressions, you can say some of all of the above. It's everybody-inclusive. We have got to find ways to get better at that and I know we are. I'm looking for ways and I know we're trying to find those ways, but we've got to get solutions and we've got to get them fast. There's nobody coming in here to help us and save the day. We built this and we own it and we have to get us out of it."

(On Tampa Bay’s scoring total dropping in three straight games): "[We’re] shooting ourselves in the foot. Our objective is to score more points than the other team. When we don't do that and we lose ballgames, it's critical. It's critical from that standpoint. We are trying to get this thing going. We will get this thing going – I believe that, and they believe that as well. We own what we have; we built it. Like I said, nobody's coming here to save us. Nobody's feeling sorry for us, neither are we feeling sorry for ourselves. We understand what we have to do going forward and we're down in the pit and we're going to start digging."

(On if it's possible to make significant changes in such a short week before the Thursday game): "No, it's something we've been incorporating for quite some time now. It's not just after the game. It probably was said after the game but at the same time we've been working on it before that. With the Thursday game you can't change too much but we can tweak some things."

Game Balls

Offense: None awarded. Tom Brady constantly threw balls in the dirt. Mike Evans had the biggest drop of the game.

Defense: None awarded. The Bucs ran around aimlessly.

Special teams: Jake Camarda averaged 46.1 yards per punt with two inside the 20.


Quarterback: Tom Brady was as pedestrian as he's ever been. Grade: D.

Running backs: You're kidding, right? Grade: F-.

Offensive line: You're really kidding, right: Grade: F-.

Receivers: Except for his drop, Evans was good. Grade: C.

Defensive line: What pass rush? Grade: F-.

Linebackers: Lavonte David and Devin White combined for 12 tackles, but neither were an impact: Grade: C.

Secondary: That was P.J. Walker lighting them up. Grade F-.

Coaching: No one's getting fired, but every coach on the staff knows he could be.

Power Rankings

  1. Buffalo 5-1

2. Philadelphia 6-0

3. Kansas City 5-2

4. Minnesota 5-1

5. New York Giants 6-1:

Bottom 5

32. Houston 1-4

31. Detroit 1-5

30. New Orleans 2-5

29. Tampa Bay 3-4

28. Green Bay 3-4

Brady After 7 Games

2021 2022

6-1 Record 3-4

2275 Yardage 1942'

21 Touchdowns 8

3 Interceptions 1

108.2 Rating 92.8

Where Were They?

  1. Shaq Barrett -- No tackles, two assists.

2. Logan Hall -- One tackle.

3. Luke Goedeke -- Found himself splitting playing time.

4. Joe Tryon-Shoyinka -- No tackles, two assists.

5. Anthony Nelson, No tackles, no assists.

NFL Stats

Passing Yards Tom Brady 6

Rushing Yards Leonard Fournette 24

Receiving Yards Fournette 20

Tackles Lavonte David 23

Sacks Vita Vea 42

Bucs' Team Stats

Passing 7th

Yards Per Rush 32nd

Touchdowns 28 (tie)

Red Zone Offense 12

Red Zone Defense 14

Rookie Report

Logan Hall...After seven games, he has six tackles and two sacks.

Luke Goedeke....Has started seven games, but after playing every snap for six, his playing time went down to 72 percent Sunday.

Rachaad White....Has 71 yards, a 2.7 average.

Cade Otton....Has 15 catches for 163 yards.

Jake Camarda...has averted 46.9 yards per punt.

Zyon McCollum...has appeared in three games and has seven tackles.

Ko Kieft ....Two catches for 37 yards

Season's Most Disappointing

  1. Julio Jones

2. Luke Goedeke

3. Russell Gage

4. Akiem Hicks

5. Kyle Rudolph

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