10 Quarterbacks the Bucs should consider

by Gary Shelton on February 5, 2022

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Could the Bucs bring back Winston?/TIM WIRT

Saturday, 4 a.m.

What? It's been almost a week now, and the Bucs still don't have a new quarterback?


By now, of course, the Bucs should have a new quarterback, a new backup quarterback and. of course, Kyle Trask. Opposing defensive coordinators should be losing sleep. The rest of the NFC South should surrender in fright.

Too soon?

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Seriously, the Bucs need to make a quarterback their No. 1 priority on any day that ends in "y" from now until after they sign somebody. A trade is possible. A free agent is possible. A draft pick is possible. Heck, all of them are possible.

But the Bucs have gone from the team in the league that had the most accomplished quaterback to a quarterback room (even if everyone comes back) that has accomplished the least.

Put it this way: If the Bucs get a decent quarterback, even an ordinary one, the Bucs are the favorite for the division title. If they stay with what they have, they're looking at a top 10 draft choice.

So who are the most likely guys to wear a Bucs' uniform next season?

  1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay: Yeah, this would be shooting for the moon, but Rodgers -- while annoying -- is the most talented quarterback in the league. With Rodgers at the helm, the Bucs could keep their window open for a while yet.

2. Russell Wilson, Seattle: Frankly, it's hard to see Seattle moving Wilson. AFter all, he's under contract. But he'd slide in nicely if the Seahawks decide to move on.

3. Jameis Winston, Saints: Swallowed your tongue, didn't you? The last time the Bucs saw of Winston, he was finishin= up a simply dreadful year in which he threw an uncommon number of interceptions. I doubt he's completely conquered that, but he knows the team and the teammates. Personally, I wouldn't hate seeing him back.

4. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49es: The 49ers wrote off Garoppolo in last year's draft. He'd be a place-holder here, but he's not as bad as you might imagine. A warning: If you're going to follow with Garoppolo, you need a much better running attack than the Bucs have.

5. Deshaun Watson, Texans: Yeah, the guy has more issues than National Geographic, but no one doubts his talent. There are two problems, however. One, Watson would have to settle his outstanding accusations, which won't be easy. Two, the Texans have to stop asking a price that ignores that Watson has ever had a proglem.

6. Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos: Bridgewater can make a defense look bad, but not often enough. My own suspicions are that Bridgewater's just good enough to get you beat.

7. Derek Carr, Raiders: Carr is a solid quarterback, even if he isn't top flight. The Raiders might be interested in starting a rebuild. The Bucs can do worse, but they need better.

8. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota: He has a history of not playing well enough. in big games. He's better on a stat page than he is in reality.

9. Jared Goff, Lions: Goff will never match the expectations of when he entered the league. Again, a "settling" proposition.

10. Matt Corral, Ole Miss (draft pick): Yeah, yeah. The Bucs keep telling us how much they love Trask. And perhaps they do. But coming out, he wasn't the prospect that Corral is expected to be.

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