Looking back at the Bucs’ win over Buffalo

by Gary Shelton on December 14, 2021

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Perriman was the star of overtime./TIM WIRT

Tuesday, 4 a.m

5 Thoughts

  1. A confession. Going into Sunday's game against Buffalo, I looked at the inactive and thought "why play Breshad Perriman instead of Scotty Miller?" Oh. That's why.

2. New Coke was overrated. Caviar is overrated. And, in certain times against certain teams, the Bucs' run defense is overrated.

3. Cris Collinsworth also thinks Jon Lovitz was an honest guy. Also, Joe Isuzu.

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4. I don't believe Bruce Arians when he says the team hasn't made a decision on Antonio Brown, who must be busy writing on the blackboard. I do not blame him for not saying, but if were Brown, I'd be nervous.

5. Funny to hear Tony Romo talk about how teams don't want to play in Tampa. Heck, for years, it was murder on the Bucs, too.


(From Bruce Arians day-after press conference)

(On the game-winning touchdown by Breshad Perriman): “Sometimes those things happen on those routes, but I think the best thing was Tom [Brady] saw the switch off and the matchup BP had on him coming out the back door, and put a perfect ball on him. The more you make plays, the more you get to play. I think Tyler [Johnson] got a bunch of his snaps back this week too. He’s been playing good also. We’ll just see how the game plays out with those guys, but I’m comfortable with either one of them in there.”

(On facing another running quarterback in New Orlean's Taysom Hill on Sunday): There’s only one Josh Allen, but Taysom Hill is pretty good too. He hasn’t proved yet that he can stay in the pocket and throw like Josh Allen, so we’ll play a little bit different defense.”

On what he thought led to the ‘misfires’ in the second half offensively on Sunday): “A combination of pressure and just missed a couple of throws. We had the ball on our fingertips that we could have made some catches and we don’t make them – it was a little bit of everybody.”

(On playing the Saints for the division title on Sunday): “I have so much respect for that team and especially that defense and what Sean [Payton] does with whoever they have playing quarterback. It’s going to be a heck of a ball game. T-shirt and hat games are big. They’re fun locker rooms. Hopefully, we play [well] enough against them that we can put them on.”

(On his team's depth through all the injuries): “It’s going to give us great depth. Just look at the way Anthony Nelson and Cam Gill are playing. Pat [O’Connor] is making plays all the time whether he’s on defense or special teams. It takes all 53 and the 48 that dress on Sunday. In big, big games like this one  it’s going to take every single hand.”

Game Balls

Offense: It's tough to beat Tom Brady anytime, but especially in overtime. His 100-plus rating was his eighth of the year.

Defense: Devin White had 10 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks.

Special teams: Grant Stuard had a tackle and two assists on special teams.


Quarterback: Brady had an awful second half, but he made up for it in his first half and the overtime. Grade: B+.

Running backs: Leonard Fournette had his second 100-yard-plus rushing day in three weeks. Is it time for a new nickname? Grade: A-.

Offensive line: Again, a pedestrian second half. Grade: B.

Receivers: Chris Godwin broke the 1,000-yard barrier on Sunday and has a career-high 92 catches, 25 of them in the last two weeks. Grade: A.

Defensive line: I guess they figured Buffalo was afraid to run the ball. Grade: F.

Linebackers: Invisible in pass coverage again. Grade: C.

Secondary: It's legal to make a play every now and then. Grade: D.

Special teams: Ho-hum. Grade: C.

Biggest Blown Leads

(Had the Bucs lost Sunday, it would have been among their biggest blown leads)

  1. Cardinals 1987 25
  2. Washington 2015 24
  3. L.A. Rams 1992 24
  4. Seattle 2013 24
  5. Indianapolis 2003 21

Most Completions, NFL History

1.              Tom Brady                                                       7,156

2.              Drew Brees                                                       7,142

3.              Brett Favre                                                        6,300

4.              Peyton Manning                                                 6,125

5.              Ben Roethlisberger                                            5,347

Most 4,000-Yard Seasons, NFL History

1.              Peyton Manning                                                   14

2.              Tom Brady                                                         13

3t.             Drew Brees                                                         12

3t.             Philip Rivers                                                        12

5.              Matt Ryan                                                            10

Most Single-Season Receptions, Bucs

1.              Keyshawn Johnson (2001)                                   106

2.              Mike Evans (2016)                                               96

3.              Chris Godwin (2021)                                           92

4t.             Mark Carrier (1989)                                              86

4t.             Mike Evans (2018)                                               86

4t.             Chris Godwin (2019)                                            86

Most 100-Yard Days Receiving, Bucs

1.              Mike Evans (2014-Present)                                  30

2.              Chris Godwin (2017-Present)                             16

3.              Mark Carrier (1987-92)                                         15

4.              Kevin House (1980-86)                                         14

5.              Vincent Jackson (2012-16)                                   13

Random Stats

Passing Yards Tom Brady 1

Rushing Yards Leonard Fournette 10

Receptions Chris Godwin 2

Tackles Devin White 10

Sacks Shaq Barrett 12

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