Choices, choices. Everyone has a choice

by Gary Shelton on December 3, 2020

in general

Thursday, 4 a.m.

I like pecans over almonds. I like peaches over apples. I like coffee over tea.

But that's just me.

I like Betty over Wilma. I like Indian food over Chinese. I like coffee over tea.

You might disagree.

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In the world, there are choices. There is column A, and there is column B. There is this, and there is that.

I like keeping Blake Snell over trading him. I like Charlie Morton over $15 million. Given the way both had been pitching, I like keeping Snell in the game instead of relieving with Nick Anderson.

I like Trevor Lawrence over Kyle Trask for the Heisman. I like John Harbaugh over Jim. I like Willlie Taggart over Mike Norvell, but I may change my mind.

I like Tom Brady over Jameis Winston...still. I like a swinging gate over Donovan Smith. I like Chris Godwin over Antonio Brown, largely because I like calm over chaos.

I liked Brayden Point over Victor Hedman for the Conn Smythe. I like Steven Stamkos over Mr. Body in Operation. I like bacon over steak.

I like Casablanca over Citizen Kane. I like beaches over mountains. I like Springsteen over Dylan.

I like good Warren Sapp over grumpy Warren Sapp. I like Warrick Dunn better than all other Bucs. I like John Lynch and Ronde Barber over the negative voters.

I like chocolate over vanilla. Unlike the Denver Broncos' quarterbacks, I like wearing a mask better than wearing a toe tag. I like Star Wars over Star Trek.

I like the '72 Dolphins over the '20 Steelers. I like Colin Kaepernick the protestor over Colin Kaepernick the quarterback.

I like Patrick Mahomes over Aaron Rodgers. I like Jim Leavitt over every other USF coach ever. I like I like Andy Reid over Bill Belichick.

I still like Tony Dungy over Jon Gruden. I like Mary Ann over Ginger. I like Simon better than Garfunkel.

I like George Carlin over Richard Pyior. I like Jake Blues over Elwood. I like Spock over Kirk.

I like Muhammad Ali, even now, over Mike Tyson. I like Michael Jordon over LeBron James. In the upcoming college football playoffs, I like Alabama over Clemson.

I liked Wilt Chamberlain over Bill Russell. I liked Willie Mays over Hank Aaron. Even now, I like Johnny Unitas over Tom Brady.

I like warm over cold. I like ice cream over pie. In the category of soup, I like Clam Chowder over French Onion.

I like monkeys over elephants. I like dogs over cats. I like the mongoose over the snake.

I like no designated hitter over having one. I like holding over pass interference. I like going for it rather than punting.

I like Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech over Wake Up the Echoes. I like The Kentucky Derby over the Daytona 500. I like Wimbledon over The Masters.

I like Venus Williams over Serena. I like Nancy over Tonya. I liked Evil Knievel over Eddie the Eagle. I like Jack better than Tiger.

I like sunshine over rain. I like laughing instead of crying. I like water instead of sand.

But that's just me.

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