Bucs try to light a candle in the darkness

by Gary Shelton on November 23, 2020

in general

Monday, 4 a.m.

Random Thoughts:

Do you think the Bucs would play better in prime time games if the coaches put a Nite Light in every player's locker, just to scare away the monsters under the bed.

-- I like Dabo Swinney, but he's off-base in suggesting that the Clemson game against FSU was canceled because the FSU administration "was looking for an excuse." To play after a Clemson lineman tested positive for Covid would have been irresponsible. And Swinney knows it.

-- I love watching Taysom Hill play football. On the other hand, old Dolphins' specialist Jim Jensen wants his gig back.

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-- It happens every year this time. Every Rays' player who makes more than minimum wage has trade speculation following him around. Bleacher Report suggests Blake Snell going to the Padres, and I've seen pieces suggesting that Kevin Kiermaier and Brandon Lowe could go, too. None of the stories hinted what the return might be.

-- He's gone, but I still like Jameis Winston. And I feel awful for him for being bypassed for Hill on Sunday. Must be a lonely feeling for a former No. 1 draft pick.

-- What are the Rays going to do without Hunter Renfroe? Guess they can find someone else to hit .156? (I guess we can pronounce the Tommy Pham trade as a bad one, right?)

-- Personally, I don't see the Heisman in the future of Florida quarterback Kyle Trask. Trask is a fine player, but it's about more than statistics, folks.

-- I'm so old I can remember when Jim Harbaugh was a big deal.

-- So Tampa Bay is going to lease the Toronto franchise of the NBA for a year? It' s a nice little addition to the menu, but it begs the old suggestion that, with three pro team, the Tampa Bay market was already oversaturated.

-- As a baseball Hall of fame voter, I'd be just fine if the institution took a year off. If I had to vote, I'd check Torii Hunter, Mark Buehrle and, despite his sins, Barry Bonds. I would vote for Curt Schilling only if they promised me he wouldn't give a speech.

-- Did. you see Cam Newton's pregame outfit Sunday? It included plaid shorts, a straw hat and a bow tie. I guess he left his big red nose at home.

-- Now that his kid is working for Michael Jordan, LeVar Ball has unloaded his bag of wind and suggested a pay-per-view, one-on-one game between him and Jordan. Yeah, but who's going to broadcast that at seven cents per view?

-- Who else is over Jake from State Farm? And, for that matter, Flo.

-- And finally, I'm used to football analysts acting as if they were the head coaches. But when did they assume they were the game referee, too?

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