Looking back on the Bucs’ win over the Raiders

by Gary Shelton on October 27, 2020

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Are the Bus' coming together for Arians?/TIM WIRT

5 Thoughts

  1. I can understand why the talent of Antonio Brown would be tempting, especially when a team's receivers are hurt. But how will Brown adapt to being the third choice in the huddle (at best)? Personally, I'd let it ride with Scotty Miller and avoid the hand grenades.

2. Lively discussion: Who's better? Devin White or Lavonte David? It seems to change by the week.

3. Another no-flag day for Donovan Smith. There ought to be an award.

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4. Tom Brady still has plenty of arm. There are times I wonder if his GPS is off a tad, because he'll make a wayward throw or two. But he can still sling it.

5. If the Bucs really, really need someone to miss a field goal against the Giants, Matt Gay is available.


(From Bruce Arians' day-after press conference)

(On Tom Brady being sharp): “It really is. It just takes time. I think the lack of continuity also hurt him a bunch. Hopefully we can have some continuity going forward and he can continue to work with timing and all those things. I think Byron [Leftwich] has done a great job of having him ready to play, him seeing the coverages and where we want to place the ball. [Byron] obviously listens to him on things he likes, also, and incorporates them in the offense.”

(On Mike Evans playing despite an ankle injury): “Mike’s the ultimate pro. He is a warrior. He probably should’ve never played in Chicago. He’d have beaten me up, but I’d have to fight him to keep him off the field. That’s just the kind of guy he is. We’re going through the Rolodex over there on the sideline trying to [figure out] how the heck we’re going to get this guy a target. We put him in the middle of the field [and] we put him outside – finally he broke loose. He got a couple [pass interference calls] against him. We’re trying to target him as much as possible, but we’ve got to do a better job of it, also. I think in a four-wide [receiver formation] – now that he’s inside – we can get him some more balls.”

(On how Devin White and Lavonte David compliment each other): “First of all, they’re both extremely talented. They play sideline to sideline, they’re great in pass coverage and their speed just shows up all the time. When we drafted Devin, we wanted a guy that was an extremely fast [and] big leader in the middle of our defense. He is really blossoming right now. It’s a great combination.”

(On the debut of Steve McLendon): “I love Steve. He’s a great human being. It just speaks volumes [how] he jumped in the car, had his clothes shipped in [and] he practices on Friday. The look on his face in that locker room – that’s the first game he had won this year. We knew we were going to have a 25-[snap] count game and yet [he had] five tackles and played lights out inside. It’s been a great addition, I think. Can’t say enough about Jason [Licht] pulling that trade off, because he’s exactly what we needed. Not just as a player, but a guy in our locker room, too. Can’t say enough about Stevie.”

(On the team's improvement over the last two weeks): “Definitely the turnovers. Getting turnovers defensively and protecting the football offensively. I think that’s been the biggest thing. When we’re winning that turnover battle by two or three, that gives us a great chance to win.”

Game Balls

Offense: Scotty Miller had a terrific game, and Chris Godwin was superb. But the key figure was Brady. Of course it was. You don't throw at a 127.0 rating unless you're very sharp.

Defense: Devin White was a tackling machine. Give him the ball over Antoine Winfield and Lavonte David.

Special teams: Ryan Succop kicked a field goal and all six extra points. So far, he's been straight enough.


Quarterback: Brady has found his rhythm. Over the last two weeks, he's hit 50 of 82 passes for 535 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions. Grade: A.

Running back: Ronald Jones II didn't play as much Sunday after a dropped pass, and he had just 34 yards. Not a great day. Leonard Fournette was slightly better, but he didn't dominate. Grade: C.

Offensive line: One penalty, and no sacks allowed. The running game could have been better. Grade: B.

Defensive line: The Bucs had three sacks and allowed just 3.2 yards per rush. Grade: B+.

Linebackers: Is there a better inside duo than White and David? Probably not. Grade: A.

Secondary: The Bucs weren't as good as they were against Green Bay, and Derek Carr had a rating of 97.5. Grade: C+.

Special teams: Solid. Bradley Pinion is having a Pro Bowl year so far. Grade: A-.

Most TDs in NFL History

1.              Tom Brady                                                         559

2.              Drew Brees                                                         558

3.              Peyton Manning                                                  539

4.              Brett Favre                                                          508

5.              Dan Marino                                                         420

Most 300-Yard Games, NFL History

1.              Drew Brees                                                         122

2.              Tom Brady                                                          94

3.              Peyton Manning                                                   93

4.              Philip Rivers                                                        72

5.              Matt Ryan                                                            67

5 More Thoughts

  1. When Jon Gruden got a look at the Bucs up close on Sunday night, I bet the first thing that crossed his mind was: "Wow, I wish I had that offensive line." Count your blessings, critics.

2. Just asking. When is the last time the Bucs won two games (over good opponents) by 53 points?

3. Tom Brady is a a 43-year-old man with a 27-year-old-arm. But in a decade or two, maybe three, his critics are going to be right.

4. Factors that Antonio Brown most overcome: 1. Attitude. 2. Legal. 3. Being a good teammate. 4. Rust. 5. Age. I think the Bucs mean well in their gamble, but the odds are against him.

5. Who's the next superstar to sign with the Bucs? And does anyone have O.J. Simpson's phone number?

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