Can Tannehill surprise us one more time?

by Gary Shelton on January 19, 2020

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Blake Bortles starred here.

Dan Pastorini, too.

Shaun King was a player here. And Mark Sanchez. And Chris Chandler.

All of them, at one time or the other, were good enough to reach a conference championship game with their teams. Most of them, at the key moment, didn't succeed.

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Mark Brunell. Bernie Kosar. Pat Haden.

Oh, you know how it has gone. A lot of mediocre quarterbacks -- Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien and Jeff Hostetler among them -- have won Super Bowls. But with the way today's game is played, you usually have to be a great quarterback to win it all. A Tom Brady. A Peyton Manning. A Joe Montana.

So how about this season? Already, we have seen Brady exit. Drew Brees is gone. Lamar Jackson.

Instead, Ryan Tannehill is still standing.

Go figure.

Compare him to the other quarterbacks still in the hunt -- Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo and Patrick Mahomes -- and it reminds you of Ringo Starr standing beside all of those other Beatles. Something is wrong with the picture. Heck, a lot of fans thought the Titans were making a mistake to put Tannehill into the game over Marcus Mariota.

But Tannehill has led his team to upsets over the Patriots and Ravens in the playoffs. He's thrown only one interception. He's taken just two sacks.

So is this where the road ends against a talented Kansas City team? Yeah, probably. But are the Chiefs more formidable than the Ravens were? The Patriots?

Since the wild-card round of the playoffs started in 1970, 10 wild-card teams have advanced to the Super Bowl. Six have won the Super Bowl -- the Raiders (1980), the Broncos (1997), the Ravens (2000), the Steelers (2005), the Giants (2007) and the Packers (2010). But how many of those felled the teams that the Titans have with a quarterback with no better resume?

Daresay, if Tannehill can pull this off, it will be historic.

Sadly, I still don't believe.

I think Mahomes is about to take over this league (as soon as Brady and Brees are done with it). Kansas City is an intimidating place to play.

And frankly, the Titans are playing way over their heads.

Predictions: Kansas City 31, Tennessee 20.

San Francisco 20, Green Bay 17

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