Looking back at the Bucs’ loss to the Saints

by Gary Shelton on November 19, 2019

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Shaquil Barrett puts pressure on Drew Brees./STEVEN MUNCIE

5 Thoughts

  1. Bruce Arians is talented in a lot of ways, and wise in a lot of others. But the man can't count. Ten interceptions for Jamais Winston? I don't want to play blackjack with the guy. I figure he'd try to hit a 37.

2. Why do the Bucs ever throw to Breshad Perriman?

3. Let's see. Add the one. That's right. According to Bruce Arian's math, the Bucs are curreently 148-2.

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4.Why do the Bucs ever hand the ball to Dare Ogunbowale?

5. The knee-jerk calling for Colin Kaepernick to Tampa Bay is by fans who don't watch football. Kaepernick hasn't played in three years, and he hasn't won more than two games in five years. Better to draft a new hope.

Bruce Arians is tied fo four./STEVEN MUNCIE


(From Bruce Arians' Day-After Press Conference)

(On the state of his team): “There’s no secret – it’s turnovers. This team, we have a gift habit. We keep giving away points early in games and then try to fight our way back. It was a 10-point game, we had three or four possessions to get it within one [possession] and just couldn’t get it done. [It was a] really good football team we were playing and when you make those kind of mistakes, you’re not going to win against a really good team. But, it’s been a habit and it’s one that we have to break, no matter whose fault it is. It’s been a habit of a gift early in the first quarter and then playing hard from there on out. I think as a team, it’s frustrating as a coach because I see us practicing and preparing extremely hard. Guys are staying extra hours to prepare, but then it’s not showing up on Sunday and for me as a coach, it’s my job to figure out why. That’s kind of where we’re at right now.”

(On why the Saints offense was able to get the ball to their key personnel in the first half): "One was a busted assignment. We were playing two-man – you stay inside – Mike Edwards gets beat inside (and) gives up (a big play). The two plays to Michael Thomas – one is a busted assignment on the drag route and it was Lavonte (David), not Devin (White). The other, we walked through on Friday. Sean [Murphy-Bunting] was supposed to be up there, pressed, so he doesn’t get picked. He backs up, he gets picked [and] it’s a touchdown. So, was it them or was it us? I think it’s us, really. They have a lot of weapons, that’s one thing. You can only take away one, and when you have Alvin Kamara, he can do a lot of things for you. But, again, he catches the ball four yards –([if) we wrap him up, it’s a four-yard gain – we don’t make the tackle (and) it’s 17.”

(On if there was a miscommunication between QB Jameis Winston and WR Mike Evans on the Saints’ pick-six in the fourth quarter): "It was just a high throw. That’s when he sprained his ankle and he just threw it high. His ankle injury was huge on that one. He kind of shook it off after that, but that one cost him. If he’s healthy, he’s playing."

(On if throwing the ball 51 times was too much to ask of QB Jameis Winston): "Yeah, totally. You throw it 51 times – show me who wins. [Tom] Brady a couple of times – not always. But, if you’re throwing it 51 times and running it eight, you’re probably not winning the game.”

(On what his approach is with six games left)"Win them all. You can’t win them all until you win one. [This week we have a] division [opponent] on the road and a team that’s similar to us. They’re playing really well right now and have kind of found their stride after their [Bye Week] and [have made] a lot of changes coaching staff-wise. They’re playing with a lot of energy and it’s showing on tape.”

Jameis Winston was under heavy pressure./STEVEN MUNCIE

5 of the Best Takes

"A three-play sequence in the fourth quarter summed up Jameis Winston's day perfectly. On first down, he had a clean pocket and missed a short crossing pattern; on second down, he was hit as he threw and the pass was contested and broken up by a linebacker; on third down, the drive ended with an interception returned for a touchdown due to miscommunication with wideout Mike Evans."

-- Pro Football Focus

"Pass protection was a significant issue for the Bucs today, particularly off the edge. Both Donovan Smith and Demar Dotson gave up a slew of pressures off the edge, as did the running backs trying to pick up blitzes."

-- Pro Football Focus

"Rookie linebacker Devin White was caught in coverage against Michael Thomas on a couple of occasions, and those plays ended with the expected, disastrous results. He surrendered multiple big plays and looked iunsurprisingly outmatched against the Saints' superstar."

-- Pro Football Focus

"Vita Vea was his usual self as he clogged up running lanes inside and was effective on pass-rushes. He was able to notch multiple quick pressures inside using a combination of power and quickness off the ball."

-- Pro Football Focus

"If Sunday was the last time as New Orleans Saints fans we'll get to experience Jameis Winston in a Tampa Bay Buccaneer uniform, it was everything we've come to love about the Jameis Winston experience. He's been a complete joy to root against.

"The Saints looked like the Saints we've been used to seeing in 2019 and Winston, like most of America, believes Christmas season starts as soon as November arrives and hand-delivered the Saints defense 4 very nice gifts. One of the gifts was even one of those rare pick 6's all the kids are wanting this year."

-- Ralph Malbrough, WWWL.TV, New Orleans

Devin White stops Michael Thomas./STEVEN MUNCIE


Offense: He's been a missing element for much of the season, but tight end Cameron Brate was big Sunday with 10 catches for 73 yards.

Defense: Rookie linebacker Devin White had 13 tackles, more than twice as many as any other Buc.

Special teams: Kicker Matt Gay had a good day, including a 55-yard field goal.

Jason Pierre-Paul after stopping the Saints offense./STEVEN MUNCIE


Quarterback: Four interceptions gets you an F. No arguing to the teacher. Grade: F.

Wide receivers: Mike Evans and Chris Godwin had decent numbers at the end, but the Saints shut them out early. Grade: C-.

Running back: Thirteen yards gets you an F. No retaking the test. Grade. F.

Offensive line. Getting your quarterback hurt and batters gets you an F. No appeal. Grade F.

Defensive line: Alvin Kamara won the day. Grade: D.

Linebackers: The Bucs had a fighting chance here. Grade: C.

Secondary: Why can't they figure out that Brees is going to throw to Thomas? Grade: F.

Jameis Winston looks for an open receiver in the 4th quarter./STEVEN MUNCIE

Measuring the Flops

Testaverde Dilfer Freeman Winston

Games 76 79 60 66

Wins 24 38 24 24

Yards 14,820 12,969 13,534 17,726

Tds 77 70 80 107

Ints 112 80 66 76

Pct. 52.1 54.8 58.2 61.2

Rating 64.4 69.4 78.8 86.5

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