Random thoughts: Remembering Hondo’s last shot

by Gary Shelton on April 28, 2019

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Sunday, 5 a.m.

The first NBA game I ever saw was the Hawks against the Celtics. Late in the game, Atlanta had a one-point lead. There were just a few seconds left, and everyone in the building-- everyone -- knew who was going to take the last shot. It was the late, great John Havlicek, who banged it home. Again. Goodnight, Hondo.

-- Don't hate the Bucs for taking another kicker. If that was the case, they would never take another quarterback, another receiver or another defensive end.

-- I love Pat McAfee. Can we not get this guy on someone's TV show?

-- I wonder what Roberto Aguayo thinks of the Bucs drafting kicker Matt Gay?

-- I don't know if the Bucs should have drafted Greedy Williams instead of Sean Bunting, but I know this: Williams played at LSU, a school the Bucs love. If he could play, he'd be here.

-- It may be a bunch of guesses rolled into one, but CBSsports graded each Bucs' pick. They had Devin White with a B, Sean Bunting with a B, Mike Edwards with a C, Jamel Dean with a B,  Anthony Nelson with an A, Matt Gay as D, Scott Miller as a C+  and Terry Beckner as B+.

-- NFL.com said the Bucs first-day grade (White) was a B+. They said Day 2 (Bunting, Edwards, Dean) was a C and Day 3 (Nelson, Gay, Miller, Beckner) was a C. That means the team grade was C+.

-- Sports Illustrated gave the Bucs an A-. The Washington Post gave them a B. The Score gave them a D+.

-- I love the back pages of the New York tabloids. Friday morning, the Post had this headline about the drafting of Daniel Jones. "Blues Clueless." The Daily News countered with "Blue Who?"

-- Aside to Pete Carroll: D.K. Metcalf may work out, but man, keep your shirt on.

-- Is it too early for a 2020 mock draft? Bleacher Report has the Bucs picking fifth and taking quarterback Jake Fromm of Georgia, which means they're predicting the end of the Jameis Winston era.

-- I not only wonder what Roberto Aguayo thought of the Bucs' drafting Matt Gay, I wonder what Mirro Roder thought.

-- For what it's worth: ESPN blowhard Mel Kiper says there were eight cornerbacks on the board he like beater than Sean Bunting.

-- I'm not sure why the Bucs' didn't draft KeeSean Johnson, but I think it's because they were fresh out of flip flops.

--I wonder what Josh Freeman thought of Trent Dilfer announcing a Bucs' draft pick.

-- The Cowboys drafted Joe Jackson and Michael Jackson. No official word, but I hear Tito is ticked.

-- Considering their trade of Khalil Mack, I think the Raiders have some change coming.

-- I wonder what Rod Jones thought of the Bucs' drafting Sean Bunting.

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