Random thoughts: Stevie Y for GM of the year?

by Gary Shelton on April 7, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4:30 a.m.

On second thought, I see nothing wrong with giving Steve Yzerman the GM of the year award, although technically, that wasn't his job. Also, I see nothing wrong with giving Harrison Ford an Academy Award for the Godfather, even though he technically wasn't in it.

-- Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have become redundant. This year, they agree on 11 first-round picks, including Devin White of LSU going to the Bucs. If McShay also does his hair in a bouffant like Kiper, no one will be able to tell the difference.

-- CBSsports disagrees, saying that White will go fourth to the Raiders and the Bucs will take Michigan linebacker Devin Bush "who some teams like better than White."

-- And if you're keeping score, the NFL.com has the Bucs taking Josh Allen of Kentucky, an edge player they project at outside linebacker.

-- One rule change I'd make: In the NBA, I'd make all players attend college through their junior seasons. The players would be more prepared for the league, and college hoops would be a lot better played.

-- Colin Cowherd says that, despite what you read, Odell Beckham is unhappy in Cleveland. Of course, that's only when he's watching Cowherd's show. People everywhere are miserable then.

-- I don't know who had the bright idea for the AAF, but it was funded with my kid's allowance money. Just think. It didn't last as long as the USFL, the WFL, the XFL or the Arena League. As leagues went, it was kind of the Ryan Leaf League. It was gone before you knew the nicknames.

-- One rule change I'd make: In baseball, I'd go with the universal DH. I'd prefer not to have one at all, because it increases strategy. But if they aren't going to eliminate it from one league, they should add it to the other. Same game, they should have the same rules.

-- For a guy who was canned months ago, Mike McCarthy has had a bad month. A piece on Bleacher Report talks about the feud between Aaron Rodgers and McCarthy, saying that Rodgers didn't respect McCarthy's intelligence. Hey, together they won a Super Bowl. But only one.

-- The story also suggested that McCarthy would miss team meetings so he could get a massage in his office. Just asking, but isn't that where Robert Kraft went out of bounds?

-- One rule change I'd make: In hockey, I'd measure the pads of the goalie to make sure they conform. Otherwise, I'd widen the goals by six inches.

-- Is it just me, or have the blowhards taken over? LaVar Ball wants to coach the Lakers. We have Skip and Shannon and Colin and Steven A. and Jason. It seems that the way to make a nice living is to make up a source and say the most outlandish statement possible -- "LeBron James is a woman!" No one holds you accountable for yesterday's scandal.

-- One rule change I'd make: In football, I'd make sure each team got the ball in overtime at least once. That's just fair.

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