Random thoughts: Is stability what the Bucs need?

by Gary Shelton on March 31, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

So now we know. Joel Glazer says the reason the team brought back general manager Jason Licht was so the franchise could have "stability."

Well, all of us are in favor of stability over instability. But doesn't the guy have to do better? His five-win team is pushing the cap, and he drafted Ronald Jones and Roberto Aguayo and he signed Anthony Collins and Vinny Curry.

Put it this way: The Bucs would be more stable if they had brought back Bruce Gradkowski at quarterback, Sabby Piscatelli at safety, Alvin Harper at receiver, Charles McRae at tackle and Richard Williamson at head coach. They just wouldn't be any good.

-- Already, it seems that the AAF is in trouble. Americans love football, but not second-rate football, it seems. Of course, that could be an insult to second-rate.

-- I wonder why ex-Buc coach Greg Schiano left the Patriots? Maybe New England doesn't like their pasta to match.

-- After three games, rating the Rays' newcomers. 1. Charlie Morton. 2. Yandy Diaz. 3. Mike Zunino.

-- It was amusing to see Eli Manning talk about a rude, vulgar, 9-year-old fan in Philadelphia. I still remember walking off the field behind John Lynch after a Bucs' playoff loss in Philly. John was looking for a kid to throw his wristbands to -- something he always did -- and there was an Opie-looking kid hanging over the rail. But as Lynch got ready to throw the wristbands, the kid -- in a voice from hell itself -- started yelling and swearing at him without pause. I  don't know what happened to that kid, but I think the kid will someday be mayor.

-- CBSsports has an interesting thought in its latest mock draft. It has the Bucs sending Gerald McCoy and a second-round pick for the Patriots' first-round pick, which it would use to draft corner Byron Murphy. The downside is dealing with the devil (Bill Belichick) who wins a lot of trades.

-- Remember when everyone thought the Bucs should pursue defensive end Robert Quinn with the Rams? Instead, they waited and traded for Jason Pierre-Paul. Quinn just was moved from the Dolphins to the Cowboys...for a sixth-round pick.

-- I don't know where Greg Schiano's next job will be. But after working for Urban Meyer and Bill Belichick, it has to be under Charlies Manson in some capacity.

-- Blaine Gabbert? Yeah, the Bucs are cured now.

-- There are a lot of notions I disagree with. One of them is the concept of "overcoaching" a player, as in the Bucs have to be careful not to overcoach Jameis Winston. If a coach is doing it right, there's no such thing as teaching a player too well. That certainly doesn't seem to be Winston's problem.



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