Random thoughts: Can Cleveland have a good year?

by Gary Shelton on September 9, 2018 · 0 comments

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Former Eagles' quarterback Ron Jaworski said the Browns can win eight games. Yeah, between now and 2022.

-- When did Serena Williams turn into John McEnroe?

-- USAToday ranks Jamies Winston as the 16th-best starting quarterback in the NFL. That's about right. Fifteen better starters, 16 worse ones. Of course, right now, it's hard to call Winston a starting quarterback.

-- The College of the Ozarks is dropping Nike as a provider of its equipment after its latest ad with Colin Kaepernick. Again, I have no problem with Kaepernick's protests -- just his won-loss record -- but I do have a question. At the College of the Ozarks, do they wear shoes?

-- Jalen Ramsey, the mouthy cornerback, says he could make the NHL in six months even though he's never skated. That's silly talk. Ramsey couldn't even make the Coyotes, who all look as if they learned to skate this morning.

-- After the Bucs threw a boatload of cash at J.R. Sweezy, he'll be in the starting lineup for the Seahawks. So much for East Coast nasty.

-- Terry Bradshaw says that Mike Tomlin, the old Bucs' assistant, isn't his type of coach. Tomlin has won 116 games in 11 years, and in eight seasons, he's won 10 or more. Wouldn't you like him to be your type of coach?

-- Kirk Cousins got a lot of mileage over his comment "you like that," which struck me as kind of, well, thick. But his latest trademark -- "You Vike that," is Moe, Curly and Larry stuff.

-- Did you hear that 7.000 venomous sand spiders are loose in Philadelphia. Fellow arachnid Urban Meyer offered scholarships to 70 of them.

-- A Sports Illustrated article reveals that a lot of former Seattle Seahawks resented the way coach Pete Carroll coddled quarterback Russell Wilson. I'm shocked. An NFL coach coddles his quarteback? Really?

-- The Sporting News had a headline saying that Mark McGwire's 62nd home run season may be the last of his kind. The reason? Players don't pump themselves up with high test anymore.


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