Random thoughts: Could Bucs finish 1-15?

by Gary Shelton on August 19, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Granted, the schedule is tough, and granted, Jameis Winston will miss three games. But the Sporting News says the Bucs will go 1-15 this year. Which means that Dirk Koetter's seat won't just be hot, it will burst into flames.

-- When the Rays' Chris Gomez flipped a baseball to a female fan with his number on it, as reported by the New York Post, I wonder if said number was his .217 average.

-- That'll teach him. Cleveland coach Hue "1-31" Jackson punished former Florida player Antonio Callaway for his marijuana possession by, get this, making him play more snaps in the team's first preseason game. Personally, I think Callaway should be drug tested weekly. Jackson, too.

-- Todd Gurley says he hates dogs. That's a little odd for a back who went to the University of Georgia. Then again, Uga is kind of ugly.

-- The world of quarterbacks according to Jalen Ramsey: "Josh Allen is trash, Joe Flacco sucks, Big Ben (Roethlisberger) is decent and Matt Ryan is overrated." I wonder what Ramsey really thinks of Blake Bortles, his own quarterback.

-- Leonard Fournette keeps $100 in his pads for 100 yards a game and "because I'm 100 percent real. Funny, Doug Martin did the same thing last year. He kept a quarter and four pennies  in his pads to pay tribute to the 2.9 yards per game he gained.

-- A headline in the Bleacher Report that was written in a hurry. "Allen silences the haters." After two preseason games? Trust me, the haters will hang around longer than that.

-- With the sixth pick in the 2019 NFL draft, Yardbarke.com says the Bucs will take Missouri quarterback Drew Lock.

-- TheSportingNews.com says the Rays' biggest mistake was taking Tim Beckham over Buster Posey. And that was awful, all right. But how about Dwayne Brazelton over Mark Teixeira?

-- Ohio State should bring in former assistant Zach Smith and fire him all over again. Evidently, Smith had $2,200 worth of sex toys and took photos of his privates while at the White House.

-- Do you think Donald Trump thinks that's wrong?

-- Serena Williams may be the best tennis player who ever lived, but she's lousy as a quarterback analyst. She says that Colin Kaepernick, if signed, would win the Super Bowl. One, he's never done it. Two,  he won three games his last two seasons. I repeat: I have nothing against him kneeling. Just playing.

-- I liked a piece written by the sportsdrop.com, talking about which players were the NFL's best one-hit wonders. Former Bucs' receiver Michael Clayton was on that list. But where was Josh Freeman? In 2010, Freeman threw 25 touchdowns with just six interceptions in a 10-win season. The next two seasons, he threw 39 picks. After 2010, he won just 12 games.

-- If that isn't a one-hit wonder, the Electric Prunes should have a greatest hits album.

-- I read that Tiger Woods' caddy, Joe LaCava, says he had a fan ejected after the fan heckled Tiger Woods. One fan. In an entire gallery. Well, aren't golfers precious? Try shooting a free throw or kicking a field goal. Or, in the case of Philadelphia, breathing.

-- A repeat story. In the old Vet in Philly, the wife of a friend of mine was with her friend attending a game. The friend, after a while, said "I don't know why everyone complains. The 700 level isn't that bad." And my friend's wife said "Don't look now, but a guy is licking your shoes." True story.

-- Monday night football won't be airing the National Anthem. With Hank Williams Jr., the guy who ripped Barrack Obama, there simply wasn't time.

-- Besides great music, Aretha Franklin left us with this. She invented the cliche. Without her "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," whatever would football teams whine they do not get?

-- Thebiglead.com says that the Bucs have the fourth-worst quarterback situation in the NFL. According to the site, the only worse ones are Denver's, Cincinnati's and Miami's.

-- It's staggering to me how many umpire's calls are flat-out wrong. And it's staggering that umps don't get some help on borderline strikes. And it's staggering that no one asks "why not?"

-- Chris Berman could be back, back, back. Which means it may be time to turn our television sound down, down, down.

-- Yardbarker.com ranked the top 50 quarterbacks of all time. I dropped my coffee when I saw that Vinny Testaverde was 49th. First thought: I wonder what Ray Perkins thought when he read it. Was Perkins in the top 5,000?

-- Testaverde's rating seems inflated enough until you consider this. Lee Roy Selmon was the 48th best defensive player. Warren Sapp was 32nd. And Derrick Brooks, strangely, didn't make the list at all.

-- On Yardbarker's list of the 50 top running backs, Warick Dunn reaches No. 33.

-- And, of course, there are the wide receivers. Keyshawn Johnson was 43rd, which is about 200 slots higher than he deserved.

-- Bobby Petrino predicts his Louisville Cardinals will upset Alabama in the season opener. Do you think Nick Saban smiled when he saw that? That ought to bring focus to the Tide.

-- The Sporting News ranked the top 50 college football quarterbacks. No one was from FSU. No one was from Florida. No one was from Miami. UCF's quarterback, and FAU's, were listed, but none from the big three.



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