Random Thoughts: Winston’s statement took a team

by Gary Shelton on July 1, 2018 · 0 comments

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Remember the control room in Apollo 13? That's what I imagined it looked like when all the lawyers were writing Jameis Winston's apology-for-nothing at all statement.

-- I mean, Jameis is very, very, very, sincerely sorry that King Kong died, that  Fredo was shot in Godfather Two and that men died saving Private Ryan. Uber? Never heard of it.

-- Chris Bosio said he wasn't using a racial slur  during an incident that led to his firing He said he was using Daniel Stumpf's nickname of Spider Monkey. Only problem? Stumpf that "Spider Money" is not a nickname he's been caused or is familiar with. Say goodnight, Chris.

-- I know Cavs' fans will whine like crazy -- it's what they do -- if LeBron James leaves Cleveland again. Put it this way. How many times can the franchise run off the same superstar?

-- It is a bad time to be Jameis Winston. On the other hand, maybe he's trying to qualify for a presidential run.

-- Or maybe he just trying to tie Bill Cosby's record.

--  A lot of analysts are now calling for the  Bucs to cut Winston. But Winston needs to realize he's suck far enough that  Keyshawn Johnson and Lawrence Taylor are taking the hmoral high ground.. Quick show of hands: Who would you rather see as a Buc in 2018: Winston or Johnson?

-- I'll give you a month or so to think about it.

-- Vince McMahan says he's going to spend $500 million for his new football league. That's $499,000,000 for mascots, 950,000 for jerseys, and the rest for players.

-- If I'm J.R. Sweezy, I don't understand. Jamieis Winston is suspended by the NFL, and I get cut?

-- TMZsports.com is writing that Winston,despite his apology, is telling friends that he didn't grope the driver. So why cut a deal with the NFL? Just wondering.

-- NFL.com says that Dirk Koetter is the 28th-ranked head coach in the league. Tough week for Dirk, huh?

-- A couple of weeks ago, people were ranking LeBron James against Michael Jordan in the all-time rankings. Now, they're ready to compare him against Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the Lakers' list.

-- I see the Lightning are listed as the third-favorite among teams interested in John Tavares. First is his old team, the Islanders. Hey, Tampa Bay has islands, right? Well, they have Harbor Island. And Adventure Island.  And Snell Isle.

-- An interesting idea by NFL.com. They ranked the all-time NFL free-agent team. Included from the Bucs were receiver Keenan McCardell, defensive end Simeon Rice and linebacker Hardy Nickerson. Funny. No mention of Anthony Collins anywhere.

-- Or Michael Johnson.

-- Or  J.R. Sweezy.

-- USAToday.com ranks the backup quarterbacks of the NFL. With Ryan Fitzpatrick,the website says that the Bucs are sixth.

-- One of the conversations I used to enjoy was when Keith McCants, the old Buc, would call me and argue that, no, he wasn't a bust. I said, loudly, that he was the very definition, a player who was much less on delivery than on promise. Poor McCants has just been arrested for the ninth time.

-- Get this: O.J. Simpson (yeah, him) returned a lost wallet to a stranger this week. Good thing, I guess, it wasn't a pair of sunglasses.



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