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I don't feel sorry for the Bucs because they got what they deserved with Jameis Winston and his three-game suspension for sexual assault. The team should have known this is a dude with a dark side. To recap:
- 2012, Accused of rape at FSU and settled with the alleged victim.
- 2013, Stealing soda at a Tallahassee Burger King.
- 2014, Stole crab legs from a Tallahassee Publix.
- 2014, Suspended for jumping on an FSU cafateria table and yelling vulgarities.
- This week, Pretty much admitted to sexual assault and fortunate that the suspension in these #MeToo times wasn't longer.
My question is this. Is it time for the Bucs to part ways with Winston? If so, why? And if not, why not?


Peter Kereasotis

Since Jameis apparently lied to the fans and the Glazers, would you trust him enough to sign him to a huge contract next year?
James Willson
I loved your column on the Hall of Famers.   I understand Shula being at #1.  I was a little surprised that Bowden was so much lower considering how long his career was also.  Your thinking on that one?
James Willson



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