Random thoughts: The weather outside is frightful

by Gary Shelton on February 4, 2018 · 2 comments

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Sunday, 3 a.m.

Isn't it interesting that the guys who run the Super Bowl are tired of their fans being warm?

-- Tom Brady has a lot of NFL records. He doesn't have this one, though: The oldest quarterback to start a game. That honor goes to former Buc Steve DeBerg, who started a game at age 44, 278 days for the Atlanta Falcons. That record is better than Vinny Testaverde (44 years, 26 days) and Warren Moon (44 years, eight days).

-- CBSsports.com says the Jets have a 40 percent chance of signing Kirk Cousins. Denver has a 35 percent chance. For the record, the website also mentioned the Bucs, but gave them a 0 percent chance of signing him.

-- Yahoo for the death of Chief Wahoo.

-- ESPN had 45 voters vote for its Hall of Fame class. Five were favored to get in. John Lynch was rated 10th which is, you know, wrong.

-- A Detroit Free Press reporter says that the Lions "must" trade for Tom Brady. And when that happens, I'll ride my flying unicorn to the press conference, dodging the flying pigs along the way.

-- If you're asking, I would have voted for John Lynch over Brian Dawkins.

-- Wish I'd said that: After Arthur Blank said he was irritated that Robert Kraft put 283 diamonds (28-3. Get it?) in the Patriots' latest Super Bowl ring, one commentator won the day by saying "At least he wasn't aware that Kraft gave the wives diamond chokers.)

-- LaMelo Ball argues that Philadelphia and Detroit are states. He didn't mention whether he thinks New England Patriots fans are their own nation.

-- If you're asking, I would have voted for Ray Lewis over Brian Urlacher.

-- Agent Brodie Van Wagenen (altogether: Who?) proposes that baseball players should boycott spring training because of their outrage at the slow movement of free agents. That would be a shame. The Rays, in particular, are looking forward to hitting off of those tees.

-- Aaron Rodgers is aware that he could wear another team's colors before his career is over. After all, it happened to Brett Favre. Not to mention Josh Freeman. (I'm serious. Don't mention it.)

-- If you're asking, I'd vote for Isaac Bruce over Terrell Owens.

-- Did you read that woodpeckers could have possible brain damage like that in football players? I don't know what it says about the NFL, but it explains the ditzy mood of Woody Woodpecker, doesn't it?

-- I think it's cool that Tom Brady wants to be an even better passer, while Nick Foles wants to be a pastor.

-- If you're asking, I would have voted for Tony Boselli over Joe Jacoby.

-- It was neat to see Clinton McDonald of the Bucs send two vets to the Super Bowl. Frankly, though, I'd be glad if he sent two other guys. Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht.

-- I wonder if Koetter was surprised, absolutely surprised, that his team's offensive line wasn't mentioned as a top five line by NFL.com. The Bucs act as if it is, while outsiders suggest that pushing top 25 is more like it.

-- If you're asking, I would have voted for Everson Walls over Ty Law.

-- In the first major league baseball game I ever saw, Oscar Gamble was in centerfield for the Cubs. With his hair, there was barely room for a left fielder or a right fielder. Rest in peace, O.

-- The way fans are chanting E-A-G-L-E-S, you'd think that Don Henley and Glen Frey have a new album out. Maybe they figured out how to use their steely knives to kill the beast.

-- Just wondering: If it happened today, would The Catch still be a catch?

-- Do New England fans drive you crazy as they hop aboard the bandwagon? Do Philadelphia fans drive you nuts with their abuse? According to 247sports.com, New England is the second-best football market in the NFL. Philadelphia is third. Dallas is fourth. (If you're wondering, the Bucs are 25th).

-- I assume that Norman Frink didn't stand and cheer "I, Tonya." Frink, the former Multnomah County district attorney, says that "Tonya was involved (in the Nancy Kerrigan assault) to her neck right from day one." In other words, Harding was an actor in the real story. She was the producer.

-- Did you see that a Tom Brady rookie card sold for $250,000 on eBay. I wonder if it still has the gum.

-- As he walks into the Hall of Fame, remember this about Ray Lewis.The Bucs could have had him back in 1996. They took Marcus Jones at No. 22, while Lewis fell to the Ravens at 25. Can you imagine Lewis alongside Derrick Brooks?

-- Russell Wilson says he wants to play 15 more years in the NFL, which would take him to age 45. Which makes you wonder: Has the NFL ever grandfathered in a grandfather?

-- Max Kellerman wants to ban the Fighting Irish nickname from Notre Dame because "some" Irish decendants are insulted? Oh, come on. I'm Irish (my mother was an O'Leary from County Cork), and I think we have a whole list of thing to be more upset about.

-- I'm not a fan of Eagles chants, either, especially when the fans are throwing things. But don't you think the employees at the Gap in the Mall of American have more to be concerned with? I mean, they're out of pretzels in the nearby kiosk.

-- But, really, if Russell Wilson plays for 15 more years, will he see the Bucs in a Super Bowl?

-- So much for it all being about education. Miami quarterback Evan Shirreffs wants to move to another school as a grad transfer, but the school has blocked 18 schools from his transfer. Mind you, this isn't a pouting freshman. This is a graduate transfer with a 3.9 GPA. If you don't see a problem with this, you probably need to take a class.

-- Here's an interesting stat. Either Bill Belichick of the Patriots or Doug Pederson will win the Super Bowl today. But out of 50 media members, they each  received only one vote for coach of the year.




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