Random thoughts: Going into overdrive with Brady

by Gary Shelton on October 29, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 5 a.m.

Some guy lost the winning Lotto ticket. Someone misplaced Scarlett Johansson's phone number. Someone had a new Porsche stolen on the same day he got a bad x-ray from his doctor. And all of those guys, every one of them, had a better week than Jim McElwain.

– Like the way Tom Brady drives his team downfield? You can drive like that. All it will take is the Tom Brady edition of an Aston Martin, which retails for $359,950. Or, you could buy a Hyundai and a mansion.

– So, do you think that $395,900 was just too cheap? Fifty bucks more, and it fits a better social class.

– Do you think Justin Turner can turn the Dodgers into a dynasty? He looks more like someone who built a Duck Dynasty.

– Former Rays' manager Larry Rothschild is 12-1 to be the next Yankee manager, says USA Today. I'm sure Rothschid would think these Yankees are the same team he had with that first Tampa Bay team.

– If the Lightning stays this hot, maybe they can win more than a Stanley Cup this year. Maybe they can win a place setting for four.

– One reason that NFL owners don't join in the kneeling: Texans owner Bob McNair has his foot in his mouth up to his thigh.

– King Cam Newton doesn't seem to like the questions he gets from the Charlotte media these days.The first clue was when he started to answer “dilly, dilly” as he sent them to the dungeon.

– Does anyone else think that Roger Goodell is addicted to fish 'n chips. Why else would he be so in love with football in England?

– There are 6.70 million people in Tennessee, and 6,699,099 would be better coaches than Butch Jones. So it appears the Vols are just trying to save a little money as they proceed. If Davey Crockett were still alive, he'd want Butch fired, too.

– Officials at the University of Florida have dismissed rumors that Florida's Jim McElwain was in discussions to be bought out. Evidently, the Gators are having trouble raising the $8.31.

– Isn't it fun when geezers fight? Steve Smith is taking up for his flashy pants and has threatened to beat up Michael Irvin. So does John Daley fight the winner? Don Cherry?

– If NFL players are inmates, then Bob McNair thinks of himself as the warden, right?

– It'll be interesting to see what the Tampa Bay defense – the biggest starmakers this side of Steven Spielberg – can give up to Christian McCaffrey.

– Will Mitch Trubisky throw more passes in today's game than Drew Brees does in the Saints' first two possessions? I say no.

– When did Jimbo Fisher become Darrell Mudra?

– What's that? About the same time that McElwain became Tom Lieb?

– Who would have thought Massachusetts were turn neanderthal. It was ridiculous that the starchy old guys in charge refused to give the low-scorer the low-scorer's trophy because she's a girl. Hey, she beat your boys by four strokes. She ought to get the trophy and a pizza.

– Did you see the Astros' Yuli Gurriel make a mockery of an Asian face to Yu Darvish? Did you read that his intent was not to offend? What? Did he think that was a manner of praising him?

– Adam Gase said the Dolphins' offense is a joke. No, Adam. Jokes are entertaining.

– Former Lightning player Jason Garrison didn't last long with the Las Vegas Knights. A shame.

– In listing his problems while with with the Jets, Rex Ryan points to Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and John Idzig. Funny. He didn't list “Rex Ryan.”

– I read where, 112 years ago, Notre Dame scored 27 touchdowns in a single game. There was no word if the Tampa Bay Bucs' defense was involved.

– England will love the Cleveland Browns. Their won-loss record is about the shame as the Sherriff of Nottingham's.

– Ndamukong Suh says he was fending off quarterback Ryan Mallett when the two scuffled. Evidently, Mallett had attacked Suh's hands with his throat.

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