Random Thoughts: Picking a familiar disguise

by Gary Shelton on October 30, 2016 · 0 comments

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Hello, I'm Kyle Brindza. And for Halloween, I'm going as Roberto Aguayo.

– There are lot of amusing things about the band Smash Mouth and the Oakland A's ripping each other. When is the last time either of them had a hit?

– What's next? Does Banarama rip the Twins?

– Does Flock of Seagulls Rip the Rays?

– I wonder what Jackie Sherrill thought when he heard that Vikings' coach Mike Zimmer was rumored to have destroyed stuffed animals to motivate his players.

– In discussing potential trades for each team, NFL.com suggests the Bucs trade a fourth-round pick for Torrey Smith of the 49ers. Sounds like plan to me.

– No one can be sure why fewer people are watching the NFL these days, but here's a guess. Titans vs. Jaguars? Really?

– Hi. I'm Aaron Hernandez. And for Halloween, I'm going as O.J. Simpson.

– If it is up to USF to stop anybody's Navy, I think we're going to lose Hawaii.

– A Bentley? A Porsche? Greg Hardy sure does like not paying for nice cars.

– Now that the Cubs aren't hitting, do you think Joe Maddon will call Derek Shelton? Will he be his second call? His sixty-third?

– The real reason LeBron James doens't want Kloe Kardashian around the Cavs? Kong can out-rebound him.

– Did you see that Barrack Obama spent $3.6 million on a golf playdate with Tiger Woods in 2013? I assume that's because Tiger lost a lot of balls.

– Tim Tebow is now hitting .143 in minor league baseball, which equals his completion percentage as a pro quarterback. But, really, he's a great badminton player.

– Is it just me, or is the new Most Interesting Man in the world not interesting at all?

– Hi. I'm Hope Solo, and for Halloween, I'm going as Tanya Harding.

– The Sporting News thinks the Tampa Bay Bucs, drafting 11th, will take Jonathan Allen of Alabama. Think he can be another Eric Curry? Or another Keith McCants?

– Walterfootball.com, on the other hand, has the Bucs picking receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. That's intruiging: A combo from Jaboo to JuJu.

– On those nights the Cubs don't score, does anyone else wonder if Joe Maddon thinks he's back in Tampa Bay?

– Just wondering: Is the Aflac Duck a better golfer than Tiger Woods these days?

– So Blake Bortles wasn't bad enough to get Gus Bradley fired. Just Greg Olson. I feel for Olson, designated scapegoat, who was fired Saturday as offensive coordinator of the Jaguars. Think of it this way: Olson won the sprint out of the door.

– Ryan Lochte says he'll compete in the 2020 Olympics. Tokyo police are on alert.

– Jim Harbaugh is now making $9,004,000 a year. Because $9 million just wasn't enough.

– Do you think that when Mike Zimmer was a kid that he thought his Beanie Babies were out to get him?

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