Random thoughts: Sports Illustrated rips Thunderbug

by Gary Shelton on October 16, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Two games in, the Lightning is pretty good. But according to Sports Illustrated, their mascot Thunderbug is 28th in the NFL. Personally, I'd be ashamed to be behind Stinger of the Columbus Blue Jackets, but that's just me.

– Definition of a bad quarterback: One who couldn't even get a tryout with the Browns.

– Definition of a bad quarterback, part two: One who did.

– So when Richie Incognito bullied Jonathan Martin with crude, racial comments, did he ever consider saying it was just “political pulpit talk?”

– Hope Solo said she might play in Sweden with all those players she called “cowards.” Nice of her to provide the Swedes with a bit of courage.

– Is it just me, or do you suspect that Raiders' owner Mark Davis has seen Goodfellas one time too many.

– Hey, I love Tim Tebow. But some analysts act like they're watching Squiggy play for the Pirates in spring training.

– I wonder what Paul Gruber thinks when he watches the Browns' Joe Thomas play left tackle on bad teams. At least Gruber got there in the end.

– I bet if he thought of it, Joe Maddon would serve Curried Goat in the Cubs' clubhouse.

– Should we congratulate the Storm for reaching the Final Four?

– One question about Colin Kaepernick playing against the Bucs next week. Do you think he will last to play the Bucs next week? I think the 49ers may start John Brodie instead.

– I know what the headlines said, but so far, replacing Mark Richt at Georgia wasn't exactly a Smart move.

– Now that it looks as if the Big 12 won't expand, why don't the schools being considered form their own conference: Air Force, BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Connecticut, Houston, Rice, SMU, South Florida, and Tulane.

– I wonder if the first choice for the “Ice-Tea at the Lemonade Stand” commercial was the Juice.

– I still don't buy the early mock drafts that have the Bucs taking a safety. Maybe because I remember the Mark Barron pick. Personally, I'm thinking wide receiver if the fit is there.

– So Donald Trump wanted to have O.J. Simpson on Celebrity Apprentice? What? Was he after a Bruno Magli commercial?

– Who was it, exactly, who put that cocaine in Greg Hardy's wallet? And does Todd Marinovich have an alibi?

– Has a minor league baseball player ever been as scrutinized as Tim Tebow? Or had as many jerseys for sale?

– If the Dolphins win another game, will the 1-15 team from 2007 break out the champagne? Cleo Lemon's spot in history will be secured.

– So, that was a fine comeback by Tiger Woods, wasn't it?

– Pat McCrory, the governor of North Carolina, says that Caitlyn Jenner would have to use the men's shower while in his state. Pass the soap, gov.

– A banner pulled by a plane over Neyland Stadium suggests that Lane Kiffin has small hands. I assume that will affect his piano playing.

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