Random thoughts: Richardson must have liked TV

by Gary Shelton on August 7, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Did you see that noted flop Trent Richardson had 11 Netflix accounts and eight Hulus at one time (you get several people who can access with each account). Now, I loved Daredevil, but not that much.

– Justin Tucker says he can hit an 85-yard field goal. Why he was only four-of-10 from beyond 50 yards is anyone's guess.

– No word on which coach voted Tennessee No. 1 in the coaches' poll. The suspect is half-bear, the other half cat.

– Yay. The Rays are only in the next-worst ballpark of all, according to USA Today. The Trop is 29th. Oakland Alameda is 30th. So there.

– Darrelle Revis slapped teammate Brandon Marshall. That's bad, of course, and we're sternly talking to him. But, uh, did Revis hit anyone when he was in Tampa Bay?

– How do you like the new commercials with Lionel Richie and Peyton Manning. I can't help but think back to when both of them were making records.

– The UFC seems as if it's trying to prove that it's a Mickey Mouse operation. It banned Ariel Helwani for life for a report, which was true, that led to the ban  of Brock Lesnar. Here's an idea: Ban me. Please.

– Hope Solo says it's the media who is causing the Zika furor in Rio. Right. We're the ones who packed more repellent than the Orkin Man.

– I see that Wayne Gretsky's rookie card sold for $465,000. It would have been worth more, but there was no gum. I mean, can't you buy a Picasso for that?

– When will U.S. Olympic table tennis get its due. Oh, maybe when a 93-year-old don't always make the team. Bill Guilford is just going to have to switch to synchronized swimming. Or playing quarterback for the Saints.

– Rex Ryan says he wants to use Reggie Bush like a Ferrari. I think he meant a Gremlin.

– Did you see the Olympic golf course is overrun by Capybaras, a large, golfer-sized rodent. I saw a film. It looked like a R.O.U.S. From the Princess Bride.

– Gil Brandt ranks 12 quarterbacks who could win his first Super Bowl ring. He does not rank Jameis Winston. Winston ranks 12 92-year-old former scouts. He does not rank Brandt.

– Nike will no longer make golf clubs. In a related story, Tiger Woods. So what happens when a no-longer-relevant golfer is stuck with no-longer-relevant clubs?

– The Sporting News ranks the Bucs as the fifth-toughest coaching job in the NFL. Arguments that it should be tough: Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, Ray Perkins, Leeman Bennett, Lovie Smith, Sam Wyche.

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