Random Thoughts: Playbook on Twitter?

by Gary Shelton on June 12, 2016 · 3 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Here's a thought. Maybe Dirk Koetter should put his playbook on Twitter. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, twit, might read it then.

– Here goes USA Today again, showing how little they have paid attention to the history of the Bucs. They say the worst starting quarterback in Tampa Bay history was … Steve Spurrier. He was bad, and he's famous. But how about Randy Hedberg, who was winless and had a quarterback rating … of eight? Or Jack Thompson? Byron Leftwich? Josh McCown?

– Now that the football field is named after Steve Spurrier, will the local bail bondsmen's offices be named after Urban Meyer?

– I wonder what Stuart Sternberg thought about what Emily Austin had to say about Jews?

– Don't blame Barry Bonds for saying he was dumb when he acted like a jerk. He was just in training to be a presidential nominee.

– Speaking of which, Pocahontas was a great person, a fine Disney movie and one of Neil Young's best songs. So there.

– I wonder if Josh Freeman admires the career-plan of Seferian-Jenkins.

– Trent Richardson predicts he'll make the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think he can get in...for $13.95.

– The way I figure it, the trial of O.J. Simpson has gone into its 22nd year, which is pretty long when you consider than everyone knows who did it.

– I wonder what Alex Colome thought about what Emily Austin said about Hispanics.

– Remember all the gossip you shared about Caitlyn Jenner? Reps for Richard Simmons, 67, are denying that he, too, is now living as a woman named Fiona. Of course, some of Fiona's outfits might be more macho than Richard's.

– What say we just hose down all of Rio and be done with it?

– I see where Jim Brown has invited Ray Lewis to a summit on violence. Uh, they're against it, right?

– I wonder what Hank Conger thought about what Emily Austin said about Asians.

– I've said it before, but all this talk about how short the Bucs' corners are amuses me. Last year, no one worried about how tall the corners were...because they were 20 yards behind the receiver. Short only matters when you have the guy covered.

– In 1999, Dennis Rodman made $1.1 million … from World Championship Wrestling. Like him, the sport is fake.

– Hey, didn't you used to be Tiger Woods?

– I wonder what Andrew “Dice” Clay thinks of Emily Austin stealing his act?

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