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by Gary Shelton on April 28, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Thursday, 6 a.m.

The draft starts Thursday night. After all these years, is it still a fun weekend for you?

I think the better question is "Do I miss the draft?" I did some after my first year away from it, but to be honest with you, I really don’t miss it at all any more.

The draft was a media event. It was a lot of work for me and I had to conduct many meetings that weren’t fun. They entailed listening to a lot of opinions and tedious note-taking. So I really don’t have great memories of what it took to prepare for a draft. Picking players was

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very exciting and I certainly missed the adrenal rush doing so. I loved being with the scouts and watching them enjoy the fruits of their labor. Those are my fondest memories.

What do you make of the latest Deflategate ruling? Would’t the league be better off to just let that die?

The league drew a line in the sand with Deflategate and they have to win this, if for no other reason than to maintain their credibility. That’s what this is all about. The core issue is who is in control over player conduct: the courts, the player’s union, an owner or the commissioner.

I personally believe the player was guilty of having some part in cheating and should be punished. That is what the commissioner ruled on and I commend him for standing his ground.

You suggested that Josh Norman would have been a bad fit with the Bucs. How do you like him with the Redskins?

The fit won’t be any different with any team if they don’t have a pass rush. My point was, that most corners, including Norman, are a by-product of the pressure his defensive front can put on the quarterback. In my opinion he’ll be a good player in Washington, but not the special one, certainly not the player he was for Carolina.

He asked the Panthers to let him sign the franchise tag, but they told him they were moving on and so should he. He knew he was in a great situation there, but in the end what usually talks is the money.

Jameis Winston looks as if he’s in better shape after losing 18 pounds. Is that beneficial for a quarterback?

Absolutely. He is going to be in much better shape. He’s going to have better stamina and mobility. Those two things alone will make him a better football player at his position. He’ll be able to stay more mentally sharp and he’ll be able to elude the rush and make plays with his feet much easier. For players to play to their potential, they need to be in top shape.

Everyone knows the Bucs need a defensive end (like always). But if a fit isn’t there, what position might be next?

I would look at the offensive line next, but I would have to know for sure there wasn’t any defensive man on the board who could  help the defense before I did. I would be hard-pressed to think their wouldn’t be at least one D-lineman that they would like. We’ll see.

I see JaMarcus Russell has offered to play for free if someone will have him. Would he still be overpaid?

Yeah, because you’d have to feed him!

The Raiders are making more news about moving to Las Vegas. As much as the league is against gambling, will they allow it to happen?

I think they will. I was asked the question a few weeks ago and said then that it’s a good idea for the league and certainly for the Raiders.

The Raiders are in a checkmate situation in their present state by staying in Oakland. There is no room to grow and they have outgrown their neighborhood in their California home. They hit a wall in Oakland and the only way to get over it or around it is to move.

Being in Vegas will have some challenges, but at least they have the bright lights to make them forget about the Black Hole they have been living in.

Sam Bradford is upset with the Eagles and has demanded a trade. But is there a team that fits?

Bradford has talent. He’s bright, with a good arm, but he hasn’t proven he can stay healthy, nor that you can win with him consistently.

He’s in the best situation for himself. Why else would he have signed a new deal? He has a team that likes him and paid him. If he stays healthy and plays well, then he’ll either be rewarded by the Eagles or some other team after his contract runs out in two years.

I think that’s fair for everybody. Right now he’s reacting emotionally because his ego was bruised. If I were him, I’d be less concerned about my ego and more concerned about  knowing my teammates by taking advantage of their off-season program. When you act on your emotions, thinking stops.

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