Random thoughts: Predicting the Hall of Famers

by Gary Shelton on November 26, 2017 · 10 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

An early guess for who makes the Hall of Fame this year: 1. Ray Lewis; 2. Randy Moss; 3. Terrell Owens; 4. Tony Boselli; 5. John Lynch.

– Ranking the college football teams, in advance of the playoff poll:

1. Wisconsin: The Badgers are unbeaten, which should erase the
weak schedule questions. Next up: Ohio State.

2. Clemson: The defending champs have only one loss. Next up: Miami.

3. Oklahoma: No matter what crudeness quarterback Baker Mayfield demonstrates, the Sooners are pretty good. Next up: TCU.

4. Georgia: The Bulldogs were on their way for a while. Now, they get a rematch. Next up: Auburn.

5. Miami: Too many close calls, but it won’t matter if they beat the Tigers. Next up: Clemson.

6. Auburn: Two losses are going to raise some eyebrows, but they’ve beaten two No. 1s in three weeks. Next up: Georgia.

7. Alabama: Only one loss, but the Tide won’t play in the SEC title game. Next up: Prayer.

8. Notre Dame: Their loss to Miami is still on our minds. Next up: More prayers.

9. Ohio State: They have a chance to slip in if they can beat the Badgers. Next up: Wisconsin.

10. UCF: The Knights are unbeaten. Surely, they should be in the discussion. Next up: Memphis.

– Bill Belichick called the Miami quarterback situation “outstanding.” Which means that he thinks Jay Cutler should be out standing in the parking lot.

– Chip Kelly picked the UCLA job over Florida’s. I guess he’s afraid of winning…or the expectations of doing it.

– If Cleveland’s Hue Jackson was doing a bad job, how could you tell?

– Super sleuth Urban Meyer says he’s going to launch “and all-out investigation” into the cameraman who hurt quarterback J.T. Barrett. First thought: Thank goodness it’s an “all-out” investigation. I was afraid he was going to set the FSU cops on the case. Second thought: Meyer certainly knows a lot about investigations, although it’s usually from the other side.

– For those of you keeping score, that’s Charles Barkley 1, Satan 0.

– Question. If the NFL were to take Jerry Jones out of the Hall of Fame, could another deserving player get in?

– Speaking of the Browns, I love the t-shirt that says “Season of Misery.” And above it are the words “Dilly, dilly.”

– Three coaches who won’t be considered for the Florida job, no matter how bad it gets: 1. Mike Riley. 2. Jim Mora. 3. Ron Zook.

– The reward for a good year? According to projections, USF is headed for either the Birmingham Bowl (against Middle Tennessee) or the Military Bowl (against Virginia). Whee.

– I guess Miami is back to not being back.

– The only reason a coach would pick UCLA over Florida? He doesn’t want to be in the top 10 coaches of his city. In Gainesville, he would have been king. In Los Angeles, he’s behind the Dodgers, the Angels, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Rams, the Chargers, the Trojans, the Kings, the Ducks and the Galaxy. Not counting anyone who has ever played a coach in a movie.

– Steve Young bit the head off a raw fish. Does he want fries with that?

– Miko Grimes says Deion Sanders, the Hall of Fame guy, couldn’t carry hubby Brent Grimes’ jock in today’s game where “ you can’t touch the WR.” Not that Sanders exactly earned fame by being physical. What he could do was take away half of the field.

– Too bad the USF Bulls fell short. On Charlie Strong’s notepad: Run more between the guards.

– You have to say this. He isn’t playing, but Jimmy Garappolo is going to look nice in the 49ers’ team photo.

– When you think about it, LaVar Ball is Donald Trump. Right?

– The Cleveland Browns still have a chance. True, the 0-10 Browns could only make the playoffs if 46 things go right. That makes the odds one in 19 quintillion. Basically, you have a better chance of learning how to fly.

– I read that the outlaw John Wesley Harding once shot a man named Tom Brady. If so, it was one of the few times that Brady was ever beaten in a competition. Not counting  Two-Gun Roger Goodell, of course.

– Chip Kelly turned 54 Saturday. Interesting. UCLA last won a share of a national title back in ’54. And they may have another one in 37 more years.

– Barry Switzer blames Madonna and Michael Jackson for Baker Mayfield grabbing his crotch. Really. You sure it wasn’t Rudy Vallee and Marion Harris?

– Good thing that Mayfield wasn’t influenced by Janet Jackson. I don’t think any of us want to see a uniform malfunction.

– Of course, Charlie Strong wishes he had thought of Switzer’s excuse.


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Larry Beller November 27, 2017 at 8:13 am

I know you must be sick of me bringing this up but the I hate the current format even though it’s better than no playoff at all. It’s just too subjective. This year there is no dominant team so all the flaws are magnified. If Auburn wins we will probably have a 2 loss SEC team plus Alabama get in but no Big Ten team. The mystic of the SEC lives on.You and all SEC fans will argue that’s just fine.

He’s an original plan. Have the Power 5 conference championship games be played the same as now and make those games the first round of the playoff. Even if you don’t call it a playoff game that’s what it would become since all the conf champs will be in the playoffs. Add 1 more At Large game to be played at the same time. This year it could be Alabama vs UCF. The 6 winners will be seeded by the committee and the top 2 advance to the New Year’s weekend round. The bottom 4 play another game the week following the conf champ games with the winners advancing to next round against the 2 bye teams. From there follow the same format as now. How perfect is that? Feel free to submit it to the college presidents. And oh by the way it would be ok to lop off one meaningless non-conference game so nobody has to play more games. This year Georgia played App State and Samford. Really??


Gary Shelton November 27, 2017 at 11:56 am

I’m not impressed with a conference title, I’ll tell you the truth. Wisconsin, if it wins, deserves to be in because of its record. But Ohio State? If it wins, big whoopee.

Essentially, this weekend of conference titles IS a playoff, they just don’t call it that. But Auburn-Georgia are playing to get in. Clemson-Miami is playing to get in. Oklahoma-TCU. But I wouldn’t put in a pac 12 team just because they’re the best of a bad lot.

The agreement was to put the best four in. It never for a moment said they had to be conference champions. It’s nice if they are, but if the conference is down, there shouldn’t be any guarantees.

I say all of this even though I agree with you that eight teams would be better. Ask UCF or Memphis. But then the Big 5 would start pushing for additional entries (you know they would).


Larry Beller November 28, 2017 at 7:04 am

Some people will want 16, 32 or 64 teams but common sense tells us 4 is not enough especially when there are no dominant teams like this year. Anymore than 8 will drag the season out too long. I don’t care what the initial agreement was. Let’s get something that is fair and works.

Let the teams decide who is in on the field rather than an all powerful committee with the help of computer flow charts. I’ve said this before but if a team can’t win their conference then too bad. You’re out. Try again next year.

Who is to say that a conference is down or up or living off it’s reputation? It’s all subjective. That’s the system we have now. I don’t like it and I don’t think most college football fans love it either unless their team gets in. But it appears it will be that way for the foreseeable future. That’s my final comment.


Gary Shelton November 28, 2017 at 8:10 am

If a conference winner has two or more losses, it doesn’t belong. Period. And if you don’t have a committee, you have chaos. There has never been a college football Saturday without argument.

I think most of us remember the old days of whining and argument. That was an awful system. This is better.

As I keep saying, personally, I’d prefer eight. But college football isn’t a democracy. We’re all just noise in the background.


Larry Beller November 28, 2017 at 9:53 pm

Gary, You just lost this argument. A 2 loss team (Auburn) is now ranked No 2 by the committee and they will be in the final four with a win this week. And if Wisconsin gets beat then Alabama (now No 5) will be in. Their signature win is against who, LSU, FSU?? They played nobody this year except Auburn who beat them. Sorry Gary but your arguments don’t hold up so give it up. This system is broken. It’s needs to be trashed and redone.

Larry Beller November 26, 2017 at 6:22 am

Next week Wisconsin is likely to lose to OSU. Clemson and Oklahoma should win. So that would give you Clemson, Oklahoma, the SEC champ (either Ga or Auburn) and probably 1 loss Alabama in the playoff. Do you think there might be some arguments over that? Expand the playoff to 8 teams with the power 5 conference champs plus 3 more. There would be much less ranting about who should get in. This is chaos now. I know Gary, it’s still better than no playoff at all.


Gary Shelton November 26, 2017 at 7:32 pm

We’ve talked about this a lot. I’d like to see eight teams, too. I’d love for Central Florida to have a shot if it beats Memphis. I don’t feel so much for Ohio State with two losses. But you’d rather invite someone extra than leave a deserving team out.


Gary Shelton November 28, 2017 at 11:17 pm

Are we arguing? I gave up arguing when college football adopted a playoff system.

I have agreed with you that eight teams would be better than what we have.

As long as we have this system, the rest your argument I don’t buy. You want to infuse conference championships into the debate. Conference championships have never, not for one second, been a part the equation. I doubt it ever will be. (Conferences championships are decided by conferences, who look out for their own, not the CPP committee). Being loud doesn’t make you right, bud. Or in charge.

Personally, I wouldn’t have a two-loss team involved. There are too many one-loss teams most seasons. (And I went to Auburn). But I’m not in charge either. If Auburn plays Ohio State, I’ll watch.

For most of my career, I wrote about compromise situations that were short of deciding it on the field. Now that we play for the title, I prefer to watch than get upset every year. That’s just me.

Right now, the commmittee has the brackets at four teams. It’s not up to the rest of us to vote on it.


Larry Beller November 29, 2017 at 8:00 am

We are just having a very intelligent discussion. Not really an argument. I happen to think the system needs to be changed and I do think the suggestions I made would make for a better program. Many of these ideas are not original with me. Others are saying similar things. Of course it’s not up to us to decide this but wouldn’t it be great if it was. It’s still a free country and we can express our opinions. And I thank you again for providing this space that allows me to do just that. You’re the best even when we disagree. Which is perfectly fine when we do by the way.

Good luck to Auburn. They are a nice Cinderella story this year. Now if Auburn were to play Michigan some year then we can argue about who is better. Ha.


Gary Shelton November 29, 2017 at 9:15 am

I’m a different Auburn guy. I covered Alabama while I was in school. Lol. I late covered Georgia and Florida.

I know a lot of people would tweak the system. My problem is that I think the power conferences would try to take over. Look at this year’s ratings. UCF isn’t anywhere close. You’d end up with a two-loss (probably) Miami team lobbying, and Alabama, and Ohio State. The little guys would still get robbed.

This isn’t about disagreeing with you, Larry. It’s about not having a system nailed down that works.


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