Bucs in pain after lopsided loss to Vikings

by Gary Shelton on September 25, 2017 · 4 comments

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Winston threw three interceptions Sunday./CARMEN MANDATO

Winston threw three interceptions Sunday./CARMEN MANDATO

Monday, 3 a.m.

In a word: Ouch.

The Tampa Bay Bucs suffered about as painful an afternoon as you could imagine Sunday. It hurt on the field, and it ached off of it, and it was sore in the standings, and it stung in the reputations. It was an afternoon that ripped up everything precious about the Bucs, a team that was flying high with regard coming in.

This was the Tampa Bay Bucs from the preseason. This was Jayvees on the run. Even for a franchise that knows a lot about bad, this was bad.

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Archer lasted 11 outs against Orioles./TRAVIS PENDERGRASS

Archer lasted 11 outs against Orioles./TRAVIS PENDERGRASS

Monday, 2 a.m.

And so, today's topic for debate with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Is Chris Archer to be considered an ace?

And has he ever been?

Archer, whose stuff is constantly praised by the Rays, took another one on the chin Sunday afternoon. He got only 11 outs, and he suffered his 12th loss (nine wins) of the season. In September, Archer is 0-5 with a 9.72 ERA. Hitters are batting .363 against him.

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Sunday 4 a.m.

I love Great Britain, which gave us the Beatles, Shakespeare, James Bond, King Arthur, Robin Hood, the Rolling Stones and Ms. Peel, among others. So why are we giving them back the Jaguars in return? Hey, this isn't North Korea.

– I haven't been paying attention. Tell me: When did Butch Jones  start coaching at Kentucky?

– So let me get this straight: If Donald Trump wants you to take a knee, he'll simply drive you to it.

– I understand a lot of people will blame a freshman for FSU's loss to N.C. State. But ask yourself: How many freshmen played on defense?

– CBS.com has the Bucs drafting 24th in the upcoming draft. That's four spots behind the Patriots, and nine spots behind Minnesota (who the Bucs play today).

– Let me get this straight. We're supposed to feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez because football damaged his tiny brain? How about the damage to his tiny soul?

– Just wondering: Did Lee Corso dress up as the Statue of Liberty Saturday, or was that just the way he was dressed?

– The Dolphins have now had 18 starting quarterbacks since Dan Marino. The Sporting News says Jay Felder was No. 1, which is an awful thing to say about the other 17. For the record, former Buc Brian Griese was ninth.

– Is it just me, or do you get Vikings' quarterback Case Keenum confused with the guy who sang “That's theWay, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh (I Like it), too?

– If you found out Charles Manson had CTE, would it make a difference?

– Does Butch Jones think he's coaching the Washington Generals?

– Silly Los Angeles. They're called the Rams. So why did they draw like the Rays?

– After 30 seasons, the Knicks have finally traded Carmelo Anthony. Can we just shut up about him now?

– Just asking: Who would win an election between Donald Trump and Roger Goodell?

– Did the early onset of CTE force Aaron Hernandez to join a gang in high school? If he had never played football, would he have been a star on Glee?

– Did Hannibal Lecter play high school football? Charles Manson?The Menendez brothers?

– We always assumed that Derek Jeter learned from Joe Torre, his classy ex-manager.Instead, it seems he learned from George Steinbrenner. Already, Jeter has fired two Hall of Famers (Andre Dawson and Tony Perez) and Mr. Marlin (Jeff Conine). Just wait til he officially owns the team.

– Here's the thing. If Hernandez contracted CTE early, maybe it explains his evil. But if he did it early, why is his family suing the Patriots. Oh, because they're the ones with money. Right.

– Others who should be checked for CTE: O.J. Simpson, Tanya Harding, Josh Freeman, Booker Reese, Bill Romanowski, Richie Incognito, Darren Sharper and Ray Lewis.

– Baker Mayfield is Daddy? He's spanking? Gee, isn't it kind of early for Halloween?

– Let's see. Trump is mad at Roger Goodell, the NFL protesters, at Stephen Curry and at ESPN's Jamele Hill. Gee. I wonder what he thinks of Russian athletes?

– Maybe Zeke Elliott didn't really quit. Maybe he thought his suspension had begun.

– The last time Kentucky beat Florida? Huey Lewis was a big deal, Geraldo Rivera was opening Al Capone's vault, Crocodile Dundee was the No. 1 movie and gas was 89 cents a gallon.

– If you're wondering, Kentucky once had a winning streak against Florida. It was four games.

– Did you see that Tennessee barely got past the UMass Minutemen? Minutemen? Isn't that how much time Butch Jones has left?


Rays finally stop late Orioles’ rally for win

by Gary Shelton on September 24, 2017 · 0 comments

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He was the Rays' seventh pitcher, but Alex Colome finally ended it./CARMEN MANDATO

He was the Rays' seventh pitcher, but Alex Colome finally ended it./CARMEN MANDATO

Sunday, 2 a.m.

For the Tampa Bay Rays, closing out the Baltimore Orioles was easier said than done Saturday night.

On the verge of a blowout victory, the Rays found themselves leading the Orioles by a 9-1 score in the ninth. Before it was done, however, the Orioles scored five runs — all on Chase Whitley – and came within 9-6. The Rays finally had to turn to Alex Colome for the final out, and Colome recorded his 46th save.

The win gets the Rays back to within three games of .500.

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Rowdies win big match to move into fourth place

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Ask Gary: Might Maddon covet the Rays’ Archer?

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Ramos, Cobb finishing strong for the Rays

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Saturday, 3 a.m. They are battery mates, a pitcher and a catcher, and they are united by pain and recovery. For Wilson Ramos and Alex Cobb, Friday night was a chance to see how far each of them has come. Cobb won his 12th game of the year, a career high, in his efforts to […]

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Stamkos returns to ice in Lightning preseason win

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Saturday, 2 a.m. The sharp profile has not changed. Neither has his uniform. Still, Steven Stamkos is back, and for the Tampa Bay Lightning, that has to mean something. Stamkos saw his first action of the preseason Friday night in a 3-1 victory over the Nashville Predators. Stamkos had his first assist of two only […]

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Defense, of all things, leads Bulls over Temple

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Friday, 5 a.m. Once, they were Offense Inc. Today, they are Defense, Unlimited. In a few short months, it has been incredible to watch the transformation of the USF Bulls. Last year, they were a blur, running past everyone and leaving it to the defense to hang onto the ropes. Last year, they were a […]

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