Looking back at Bucs’ loss to Los Angeles

by Gary Shelton on September 28, 2021

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Arians hopes his team can improve. (Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers via AP)

5 Thoughts

  1. If Shaq Barrett is so invisible these days, why is he so easy to block?

2. Do you think Rod "Toast" Jones looks at this secondary and figures "yeah, I'd fit in just fine." Of course, Lars Tate, Charles McRae and Eric Curry are thinking the same thing.

3. If the Bucs are 100 percent vaccinated, why do they keep losing so many players to Covid?

4. I'm not saying Sunday was a bad effort, but I thought I caught a glimpse of Lovie Smith on the sideline.

5. Big game for Tom Brady this week. I'm sure he will yell at the right people.


(From Bruce Arians' day-after press conference)

(On what is wrong with the Bucs' defense)  "The sacks are probably the biggest thing that disturbs me because we can rush the passer. Now, we're getting close; we're not finishing deals. In the first [quarter] – think back to the start of the game – Joe [Tryon-Shoyinka] gets a good pressure, incomplete; Devin [White] gets a good pressure, incomplete; all of a sudden, the pressures are gone and it's bam, bam, bam, here we go. You can't ask our secondary, especially with the shape it's in, to go play a ton of man-to-man, which limits you. The ball's not going to be held for sacks to happen. It's a little bit of both. We've got to do a better job of getting some man-to-man pressures and going in there and getting after the quarterback. And then also when we're playing zone, we've got to get home. The secondary and the front is just not right now meshing very well."

(On Shaq Barrett):  "I think Todd (Bowles) knows and Shaq knows it's time to get to the quarterback. He got shut out in this game. People are very aware of him, but that's not an [excuse]. He needs to get to the quarterback, as do a bunch of other guys, and finish it when you get there. Just one sack is not good enough."

(On the lack of a running game):  "Our runners have got to run better and our blockers have got to block better when we are running it. Do some more quick throws and get the ball out of our hands. The one thing – we have protected pretty well. We didn't handle a couple blitzes in that game, and we got beat in a blitz pickup, but overall we have to get more balanced, there's no doubt."

(On wanting more smash plays from Devin White and Lavonte David): " Yeah, they can both play better. Devin, he likes playing against the run and nobody's going to do that anymore, so he's got to get better at playing against the pass and get our hands [on the ball]. Because we're capable – both those guys are – of multiple-interception games. Both those guys can play better."

(On Brady and Gronkowski returning to New England): "For 98% of these guys it's just another game. We're playing an AFC game on the road and we need a road win. But for two of them it's huge. It's the biggest story nationally and that's all they'll hear about all week but that ain't got a damn thing to do with their job. Just get yourself prepared to play and beat the Patriots and let all the hoopla take care of itself."

Game Balls

Offense: Tom Brady was the only candidate for the Bucs. He hit 41 of 55 passes for 432 yards.... and his team still lost by 10.

Defense: Vita Vea had three tackles. It's not much, but then, neither were the Bucs.

Special teams: No ball given.


Quarterback: Brady had a few moments where he wasn't sharp against a good Rams' defense, but he was still the whole Bucs' offense: Grade: A.

Receivers: Mike Evan caught eight passes for 106 yards. The Bucs seemed to miss Antonio Brown, however. Grade: B.

Offensive line: Would the Bucs be better with Ronald Jones at tackle and Ali Marpet running the ball: Grade: D.

Defensive line: No pass rush for a team that spends millions on the pass rush. Grade: F.

Linebackers: Not a great night, but White and David were still 1-2 in tackles. Grade: C.

Secondary: The Bucs give too big a cushion: Grade: F.

 Belichick vs. Bucs

Years 36 46

Wins 275 280

Titles 6 2

Playoff wins 32 10

Losing seasons 5 30

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