Unknown legend: Bucs’ Adams introduces himself

December 3, 2018 general

Monday, 4 a.m. This is why we love sports. This is why we tune in. No, it isn’t about the brand names, the guys with millions in the bank and pretty girls on their arms. It isn’t about the familiar smiles and the terrific plays and awful commercials they make. It isn’t for Jameis Winston […]

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Ask Gary: Could Taggart find his way back to USF?

December 1, 2018 College football

Each week, the readers take over and play Ask Gary. They send in a question, or a couple, on Thursday night or Friday morning and we all talk about the world of sports. Think of it as a radio show where you don’t have to be on hold. Join us and ask a question, […]

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Is Evans having the best season of his career?

November 30, 2018 general

Friday, 3 a.m. If you want, you can define him by his position. Mike Evans is a wide receiver, and a good one. He lives in heavy traffic, and because of it, he makes difficult catches. He resides at the other end of the first-down marker. He gains yards. He scores touchdowns. Or, if you […]

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Pierre-Paul and the pursuit of passers

November 29, 2018 general

Thursday, 4 a.m It isn’t that hard, really. A quick start. A strong move. A bit of closing speed. The offensive tackle flinches, and you are past him. The quarterback holds the ball too long, and you close in. The receiver runs a sloppy route, and you are there. A few more feet to the […]

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Looking back on the Bucs’ victory over the 49ers

November 27, 2018 general

Tuesday, 4 a.m. 5 Observation 1. Jameis Winston isn’t perfect even when he’s not throwing an interception. Lifetime, he is 9-11 in the games where he hasn’t thrown a pick. But the Bucs are far more competitive when he’s safer. It has to start there. 2. Oh, so that’s what Vita Vea looks like. It […]

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Bucs beat 49ers as Winston plays clean game

November 26, 2018 general

Monday, 4 a.m. They didn’t reach the playoffs, okay? They didn’t guarantee themselves a winning season, or a break-even one. They didn’t end their misery, and they didn’t cure their defense. They didn’t change their season. All they did was win. And for now, that’s enough. They didn’t put the Pro Bowl on alert. They […]

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Random Thoughts: Florida picked the better coach

November 25, 2018 general

Random thoughts: Maybe it’s just me, but I’m watching the Florida-FSU game, and this occurs to me. would the result have been different if Dan Mullen went to FSU and Willie Taggart to Florida? I think it would have been. — Phil Mickelson, old guy, beating Tiger Woods, old guy, was the biggest farce since […]

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Where were you at Winston’s age?

November 23, 2018 general

Friday, 4 a.m. The latest last chance has arrived for Jameis Winston. He has tried to play his way into your hearts. He has tried to play his way out of town. And now, with a huge payday in front of him, with a faltering football team around him, it is time to decide. Should […]

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The world is full of things that make us thankful

November 22, 2018 College Sports in Florida

Thursday, 4 a.m. I am thankful I live in warm weather. You don’t have to shovel grass. I am thankful for bacon. I intend on giving its discoverer a high-five in the afterlife. I am thankful for a nice mist of rain on a hot day. I am thankful for Bruce Springsteen, especially when he […]

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Can Bucs’ secondary make a star out of Mullens?

November 22, 2018 general

Thursday, 2 a.m. The name alone is enough to strike terror into the hearts of a Tampa Bay Bucs defense game. The arm is good. The aim is good. And can the Bucs possibly slow down … Nick Mullens? Yeah, him. Mullens is the latest quarterback to get a crack at the leaky secondary of […]

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