Are sports leagues rushing their return?

by Gary Shelton on June 28, 2020

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Is Tom Brady worth the wait?/@Buccaneers

Sunday, 4 a.m.

You love football. You love the blend of speed and strength, of finesse and flair. You like watching the game-within-a-game of a defensive end trying to beat an offensive tackle, of a running back in the open field against a safety.

But if it were your sport, if you were in charge, if you were the boss of bosses, would you open the training camps?

You love baseball. You love seeing a pitcher work with the bases loaded and a slugger at the plate. You love the guessing game of when to pull one reliever for another. You like the sheer speed of a triple.

But if you ran things, would you be ready to order them to line the field?

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That is the question, of course. We all miss sports. We want to see hockey, or golf, or basketball. We want to see a goal, a double, a basket, a blitz, a dunk, a dinger, an end-zone dance. We are all weary of being hermits.

But are you ready to climb into a bleacher seat between strangers? Are you willing to watch sports without thinking of the athletes grabbing each other, breathing on each other, sweating against each other?

it isn't an easy question. There are rich men waiting to get richer -- owners and players alike. There are fans who plan their entire years around going to games.

But is it time?


The positive cases are spiking ... still. Florida had a record day Saturday, breaking the previous record of Friday. Most of us are masked these days.

Does it feel like it's getting better to you? Just because Roger Goodell says it should be?

Yet, sports has decided it has been idle long enough.

-- Baseball will have its Opening Day on July 24 or 25.

-- NFL teams report to training camp on July 28.

-- NHL teams are going to camp on July 10.

In other words, the leagues seem to be rushing it a bit, don't they? And fans, bored out of their minds, seem to want it to happen. We want to see Tom Brady's first practices. We want to see Andrei Vasilevskiy make another sprawling save. We want to see if Blake Snell can rebound. Our walls get closer all the time. We're running low on patience.

But the worst thing that can happen, as the state of Texas has learned, is to pretend that this disease has gone away only to be reminded of it in the form of a devastating mew test case.

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