Rank the biggest Bucs’ bust of them all

by Gary Shelton on May 21, 2020

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Aguayo was a forgettable pick./CARMEN MANDATO

The NFL draft is less than a month old, and still, you are looking for new adjectives for the world "wonderful."

Also, "terrific."

And "game-changing."

Around here, that's the way it goes. After the latest NFL draft, the Bucs' front office slaps itself on the back, and the critics drool, and the fans prepare for a brand new canvas. The team has renewed hope, and the world prepares for a new, improved Bucs' franchise.

No, this isn't to say that Tristan Wirfs is going to fizzle. But a lot of Bucs' draft picks have over the years. Considering how often the Bucs have drafted in the top 10, the team has had to work overtime to build this messy of a resume.

But who is the biggest flop the Bucs have had? Who is the worst of the worst? Who should embarrass this franchise more than anyone else?

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Oh, let's be honest. Some would say Bo Jackson. But the failure with Jackson had zero to do with talent; he proved that with the Raiders. The problem with Jackson was that the team didn't listen when he told them he wouldn't play here.

Jameis Winston? No. His disappointment is still fresh, but he made a Pro Bowl, and he led the league in passing. You can be a heartache without being a bust.

Kenyatta Walker? He wasn't as good as he was supposed to be, but he lasted six years and started 73 games. He started in a Super Bowl. The Bucs have had bigger flops.

Oh, and if you aren't counting just the draft, the Bucs have traded for busts (Chris Chandler), and they've signed busts as free agents (Anthony Collins).

But when it comes to drafted players, who's in the Top 10?

Let's see.

10. Rod Jones, 25th overall, 1986: The biggest busts come with a nickname that measures their disappointment. Remember Rod "Toast" Jones, who chased receivers across the goal line for four years for the Bucs.

9. Vinny Testaverde, 1st overall, 1987: Testaverde was such a survivor he made a lot of people forget just how bad Testaverde was for the Bucs, when he threw 112 interceptions in six years. He was 24-48 for the Bucs.

8. Brett Moritz, 44th overall, 1978: You might think a second-year franchise could use linemen, but Moritz played only one year, and appeared in only is games, and never started. Oops.

7. Eric Curry, 6th overall, 1993: Curry lasted five years with the Bucs, but in that time, he had just 12 sacks. In his last two years, he had only four starts.

6. Dexter Jackson, 58th overall, 2008: Jackson was drafted onto a team that was desperate for wide receiving help, but he never caught a pass for the Bucs. He appeared in seven games without a start.

5. Keith McCants, fourth overall, 1990: There was a time that McCants was speculated as the overall No. 1 pick. But with the Bucs, he couldn't find a home at defensive end or linebacker. He played three years for the Bucs and finished with 12 sacks.

4. Gaines Adams, fourth overall, 2007: The Bucs wanted Adams so badly that, as soon as they signed, the team jettisoned Simeon Rice. It didn't work out. Adams had just 13 1/2 sacks in his three years.

3. Charles McRae, 7th overall, 1991. McRae was big, and he was strong. But he didn't particularly like football, which is kind of a shortcoming. He started just 38 games in five years.

2. Roberto Aguayo, 59th overall, 2016: The Bucs not only over-drafted Aguayo as a kicker, they traded up to do it. He lasted only a year before he was gone.

  1. Booker Reese, 32nd overall, second round: The Bucs botched this as badly as a pick has ever been botched. They drafted the wrong player, then they traded their No. 1 pick the following year (it could have been Dan Marino) chasing the mistake. Reese had two sacks as a Bucs and stared just seven games.

In other words, Wirfs should take heart. No matter how much time he takes, the Bucs will have seen worse.

Trust me.

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