Random thoughts: Did Bucs lose to keep on losing?

by Gary Shelton on May 17, 2020

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Winston is near the lead in many categories/JEFFREY S. KING

Sean Payton, the Saints' coach, says he thinks the Bucs' intentionally lost to his team in 2014 to ensure the draft pick of Jameis Winston. I believe it, too. Of course, after 28 wins in five years, what further punishment would you give them?

-- The thing is, I've been told by someone who was with the Titans that the team preferred Marcus Mariota (another fizzle) anyway. So there's that.

-- Personally, I didn't care when Blake Snell said he wouldn't risk his health to play a shortened season for less money, despite the rantings of professional ranter Stephen A. Smith. What I did mind was him saying that in a world where medical workers are risking their lives everyday. Snell won six games last year, okay?

-- If sports were to re-start without fans, would that give the Rays an advantage? They're used to playing in an empty stadium.

-- I saw an interesting article the other day that asked who your favorite athlete was as a kid. Mine? Johnny Unitas, Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlain. Anyone got a better threesome?

-- If sports cannot return, who loses out more than the Bucs? Yes, I know that Bo Jackson didn't show up, but how much better would even Bo have made those Bucs, who had zero expectations. This time, the Bucs are expected to be one of the more interesting teams in the league.

-- I loved that the attorney for Quinton Dunbar, accused of robbery, said it's because the police are over-zealous in pursuing a "celebrity." Dunbar has about as much celebrity as the guy who bags your groceries at Publix.

-- If Dunbar and Deandre Baker are indeed innocent, does that spoil the planned TV show "Miramar Vice?"

-- Let's see.If Brady gives the Bucs two years, would that make the timetable about right for the team to pursue Aaron Rodgers?

-- I love how there are a lot of articles saying that Winston "can't wait" to play against the Bucs. It would take two major injuries and a brain cramp by Payton for Winston to even see the field against the Bucs this year.

-- Somewhere, fans are booing what brand of toothpaste Roger Goodell uses. The guy can't win. Commissioners of other sports have their own scandals, but it doesn't stick to them the way Goodell's does. Yes, Goodell is kind of arrogant, but everything in the league isn't his fault.

-- Is it?

-- That said, I'm not crazy about the NFL's latest proposal to improve team's draft positions if they hire a minority coach. I'm all for hiring minorities (I saw what Tony Dungy did for the Bucs), but if it's all about hiring the best man for the job, bonus draft pics are too much. How about this? How about a team hiring a minority gets $2 million dollars from Goodell's wallet?

-- I wonder what Josh Freeman thinks of James' Winston's off-season.

-- With the passing of former Yankees' general manager Bob Watson, I'm reminded of the year when George Steinbrenner had a highly regarded horse in the Kentucky Derby. In the horse's stall was a goat -- a common sight -- who looked small and powerless and was largely ignored. We named the goat "Bob Watson" because of its relative insignificance. Good night, Bob.

-- Tristan Wirfs will have a much easier time playing tackle for the Bucs than Demar Dotson did. For one thing, he won't have to work nearly as hard on his tackling after cornerbacks intercept the ball.

-- If you aren't impressed with the Bucs' scheduled to play five times on primetime television next year, consider this: The remake of the series "Ironside" lasted only three episodes. It was based on an idea older than Tom Brady.

-- Watching the Lightning win the 2004 Stanley Cup again might be invigorating for some fans, but all I was left with was this: With young stars like Martin St. Louis, Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards and Dan Boyle, why couldn't the team make another run to two?

-- And, yeah, the same goes for the Bucs after their Super Bowl. win.

-- Mike Tyson, at 53, is talking about a comeback. That's in the ring, not in a remake of Grumpy Old Men. I'm sure handlers will find him a Pee-Wee Herman clone to fight, but what if he breaks a hip?

-- If the distant drums mean anything, prepare for a war of owners vs. players. Players, understandably, see the increase in their risks and the devaluing of their contracts. Owners see empty seats and brace for TV to want money back. The difference is that this skirmish will be more understandable than most.

Finally, is there any way I can vote for Anthony Fauci for the Heisman?

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