Recruiting: Lies, falsehoods and prevarications

by Gary Shelton on February 2, 2016 · 0 comments

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Tuesday, 6 a.m.

Coaches lie. They peer over the table at a young athlete, and they talk of the world as if the player is the golden child he has been waiting for. They swear they will love no other. They flirt with the mommas and exchange firm handshakes with the papas. And as soon as a better player comes along, they'll drop this one like a stone.

Players lie. They look a coach in the eye, and they talk about pledging eternally to this class. They eat every lobster offered, and they talk of their hunger to be great. Then they check their watch, because the next school is on its way to the house. They flirt with the hostesses, and they smile at the lore. And then they wonder just how you go about de-committing when a bigger school comes along.

Fans lie. Oh, they don't mean to. But there is no real way to judge a wide receiver from the state of Washington  against one from Florida, so they guess at which kid sounds like a better fit. They feed the beast. They follow the stars. And they buy into every word they can read about recruiting, because it makes them sound smart in the chat rooms.

Welcome to Wednesday's recruiting day, the national fib-a-thon where everyone turns into Pinocchio.

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