Rays trade away their present for a better future

August 2, 2016 general

Monday, 6 a.m. The Tampa Bay Rays traded today for tomorrow. I am sure, this time, they expect it to turn out better. The Rays traded present-tense for future. They traded a few years from now for money they prefer not to pay. They traded veterans on a team that was going nowhere for youngsters […]

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Moore Should be an untradeable Ray

July 6, 2016 general

Tuesday, 6 a.m. No. As other teams try to kick the tires on Matt Moore, as they consider how much of their farm system they would be willing to trade, as they envision how Moore would fit on their mound, the Rays’ response should be simple. No. You can’t have him. Moore has graduated from […]

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Matt Moore turns back the clock against Astros

June 13, 2016 general

Monday, 6 a.m. This is the way he used to be. This is the way he used to throw. The world belonged to Matt Moore and that magnificent left arm of his back when he was a kid. He was a gunslinger in those days, and the mount belonged to him. He was used to […]

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Dodgers shell Tampa Bay in front of familiar faces

May 4, 2016 general

Wednesday, 6 a.m. Ever gone to an old home to see that, really, it wasn’t in very good shape. Tropicana Field, and the Tampa Bay Rays, probably looked that way to the familiar faces of the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday night. Scott Kazmir, J.P. Howell, Carl Crawford and Andrew Friedman probably wondered what had happened […]

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Moore makes you remember who he once was

September 17, 2015 general

Thursday, 11:27 p.m. Hey, didn’t you used to be Matt Moore? Yeah, sure. I’d recognize you anywhere. The wide smile. The bushy eyebrows. The magic arm. This was the guy we remember, all right. The guy who won 17 gmes. The guy who was an all-star. The guy who looked like he would be a […]

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Rays’ bullpen leads the team as it shuts down Astros

July 12, 2015 general

Sunday, 5:17 p.m. The hitting continues to struggle. The starting pitching comes and goes. There are still too many players on the disabled list. But the bullpen. The bullpen can play. When it is rested, when it is ready, the relief corps of the Tampa Bay Rays can be a sight to see. And if […]

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Moore returns for Rays, but the slump deepens

July 2, 2015 general

Thursday, 4:35 p.m. For 14 months, he had waited. Forever, until he felt as if he used to be a pitcher, Matt Moore had bided his time. Finally, he was back. And could a little thing like a few runs seem that disappointing? Oh, here lately, the Rays give up plenty of runs, they come […]

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Ex-teammate Moore trips up Lightning

May 16, 2015 general

Saturday, 7:06 p.m. He was just another ex-teammate. Just a guy who came, and a guy who went. A nice enough guy. A hard-working plugger. But when Dominic Moore left, it is safe to say there were few tears shed, and few fans who felt betrayed. He was one of those guys you like a […]

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Did free agency fix what ails the Bucs’ defense?

April 17, 2015 general

Friday, 10:55 a.m. In the first round, they need a quarterback. You could say that about the Tampa Bay Bucs this year, and last year, and the year before that. Throughout the three-and-out history of the Bucs, you have always been able to say it. They’ve never had a quarterback. So this year, the top […]

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To all fields: Insuring Archer’s health

March 21, 2015 College Sports in Florida

Saturday, 10:24 a.m. In Port Charlotte… Put him in bubble wrap, that’s what I say.j Surround Chris Archer with guard dogs. Hire Brinks security guards. Build a moat around him. For crying out loud, keep this guy safe. An epidemic has hit the Tampa Bay Rays in the worst spot. It’s hit them in their […]

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