Stamkos’ struggles are representative of Bolts

April 25, 2015 general

Saturday, 10:30 pm. TAMPA It was crowded by the captain’s locker room. No air here. No light there. No room over there. All around him, there were bodies, crowding him, surrounding him, shutting off any escape. For Steven Stamkos, it must have reminded him a lot of the way he had spent his night. Content […]

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Triplets lead impressive Lightning comeback

April 24, 2015 general

Friday, 12:55 a.m. The Lightning was falling. The ground below was rushing up to meet them. Also, there were rocks. To catch you up and, in the worst possible moment, the Lightning was in trouble. There were only 5½ minutes left to play, and things were looking desperate. The Red Wings led 2-0, a lead […]

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Lightning trail in series after struggling vs. Detroit

April 22, 2015 general

Wednesday, 12:10 a.m. The Lightning is not on the brink of disaster. But it can see it from here. The Lightning, back to being average on the road, lost a 3-0 decision to the Detroit Red Wings, placing all of the pressure of the series on winning Saturday’s game at Joe Louis Arena. If the […]

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Lightning scraps back to even its playoff series

April 18, 2015 general

Saturday, 7:30 p.m. TAMPA This, then, is where it starts. On a lazy Saturday when a team has its back against the wall. On a mid-April afternoon when it can look down and see the rocks. In the the thin air of the post-season where the Lightning was one game from being in trouble. This […]

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Lightning finds a way to lose its playoff opener

April 17, 2015 general

Friday, 12;17 a.m. Tampa They left shaking their heads. They left talking to themselves. They left wondering about all the wrong parts of the game. Unfortunately for the Tampa Bay Lightning, they also left down 1-0 in their playoff series to the Detroit Red Wings. The Lightning won the beauty contest Thursday night. They won […]

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Tale of the Tape: Are these Bolts as good as champs?

April 15, 2015 general

Wednesday, 10 p.m. The difference is easy. That team did it. This team might. That team, the 2003-04 Lightning, won16 playoff games. That team lifted the cup. That team skated into immortality. This team? Well, it’s one of 16 that has a chance. Pretty much, that’s the best you can say about the Lightning as […]

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In playoffs, Bishop is the Lightning’s great hope

April 13, 2015 general

Monday, 1:22 p.m. Trust the victories, he will tell you. Do not trust the stats. Trust the times he has skated away form a winning rink, he will tell you. Do not trust the times you rolled you eyes along the way. It is his season now, that of Ben Bishop and the other goaltenders […]

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Random Thoughts: Does Palomalu affect Lynch?

April 12, 2015 general

Hi, I’m former Cowboy Emmitt Smith, and I’m here to tell you I’d still play football despite the blows I took to the head. And can someone please answer that darned phone? — I don’t know what your first thoughts were when Troy Polamalu retired this week, but mine were this; I wonder how badly […]

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Ask Gary: Ranking the locker rooms of Tampa Bay

April 11, 2015 general

Saturday, 6 a.m. (Each week, the readers take over Ask Gary. They send in a question, or a couple, and we all talk about the world of sports.  Think of it as a radio show where you don’t have to be on hold. Join us and ask a question, make a comment or be funny. Send the […]

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To all fields: Bucs have remolded their secondary

April 4, 2015 general

Saturday, 6:31 a.m. The purge is all but complete now. Lovie Smith has his new secondary. Let’s hope it is better. Gone is Dashon Goldson, the Hawk. Gone is Mark Barron, the next Lynch. Gone is Darrelle Revis, Revis Island. Pretty much, Greg Schiano’s fingerprints are off the defense around here. In a year, Lovie […]

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