Rays’ Smyly throws a one-hitter at Padres

August 16, 2016 general

Tuesday, 4 a.m. For two  batters, Drew  Smyly looked as if he might have a tough time of  it  Monday night. Five pitches into his start, Smyly gave up a home run to Alexei Ramirez. After that,  nothing. Smyly allowed only two walks to the next 22 batters to shut down the San Diego Padres. […]

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Rays defense, bullpen lead to victory over Orioles

April 26, 2016 general

Tuesday, 11:12 p.m. Are the Tampa Bay Rays still supposed to be able to play defense like this? The Rays bailed themselves out of trouble repeatedly Tuesday night, moving to .500 with a 3-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The Rays have surrendered only one run in two games against Baltimore. It helps when a […]

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Kiermaier expects to have a better season in 2016

March 7, 2016 general

Monday, 6 a.m. He just got here, okay. Talk to Kevin Kiermaier about his awards, the gold glove or the platinum one, and he’ll tell you that his leather model is the one that will take him places. Talk to him about 35-ounce steaks or celebrity pool sharks, and he’ll just shrug. Frankly, Kiermaier just […]

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Kiermaier makes another memory on defense

September 30, 2015 general

Wednesday, 11:30 p.m. Need something to remember the highlights of the 2015 season by? This should just about do it. Kevin Kiermaier, chasing down an uncatchable fly. Kiermaier, slamming into the fence. Kiermaier, showing the world why he should be the Gold Glove winner. He runs, and nothing can escape him. He is relentless. He […]

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How much of the Rays’ poor results are on Cash?

September 23, 2015 general

Wednesday, 6 a.m. His team has fallen so hard, so fast, you might think that the AL East is an empty elevator shaft. The Tampa Bay Rays have stepped off of the ledge of a building, and every day, it seems they plummet past another floor. You feel confident that if the division had more […]

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Twins shred Rays, deliver blow to wild-card hopes

August 25, 2015 general

Tuesday, 11:44 p.m. Is this any way to stay in the American League wild card race? The Rays gave up 11 runs, and they struck out 11 times, and they left 12 men on base. They surrendered 10 runs in the first five innings the Twins came to bat. They fell back below .500 in […]

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Could one of the Rays young guns grow into a star?

August 11, 2015 Tampa Bay Rays

Tuesday, 6 a.m. As a franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays have had too many hitters steal their money. Perhaps that is why it is so refreshing to see the Outlaw. There is much to like about Kevin Kiermaier, the young centerfielder. On a triple, he goes from home to third so fast you’d swear he […]

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Is Tampa Bay warming up to these Rays?

June 29, 2015 general

Monday, 6 a.m. I like Chris Archer. I think he’s a bright guy, reflective. I think he’s a heck of a pitcher who is just entering stardom. I think he’s funny to watch as he sneaks up behind one teammate after another, armed with a Gatorade jug, intent on making players wet for their heroics. […]

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Tampa Bay bats go missing at odd times in loss

June 22, 2015 general

Monday, 11:58 p.m. The bats went quiet at the strangest times for the Tampa Bay Rays Monday night. Especially after umpires were stealing them. Hey, it was tough enough under the best of conditions. The Rays left 14 runners on bases, including leaving them full in the second and eighth inning and blowing an early […]

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Kiermaier comes in to just enough stop Yankees

May 13, 2015 general

Wednesday, 11:49 p.m. St. Petersburg Kevin Kiermaier had a hunch. In baseball, there are worse things. Kiermaier, the center fielder for the Rays, was at his post in the fifth inning when Carlos Beltran came to the plate with the tying run on second. For Kiermaier, that could have meant Content beyond this point is […]

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