David needs winning to cement his reputation

July 28, 2016 general

Thursday, 6 a.m. The player is right. The position is right. The team is right. For Lavonte David, however, the timing is all wrong. He is a linebacker of another era, a swift, relentless tackling machine from the days of eight-track players and pet rocks. David is a linebacker who plays chase, a player who […]

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Smith’s seat turns hotter already in 2015

September 14, 2015 general

Monday, 6 a.m. The man with the headset is the one to blame. He pleads for this free agent and that one, and the priority is his choosing. He decides to call the defensive signals if he wants. He picks the offensive coordinator. He is the architect of the team. When things go bad, where […]

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McCoy, David need wins to cement legacies

September 12, 2015 general

Saturday, 6:30 a.m. Once, Dick Butkus carried the burden of Lavonte David. He, too, was saddled with a losing team. Despite his fury, despite his rage, despite his excellence, there was nothing Butkus could do. The Chicago Bears simply had too many holes around him, and he became the sight of a man fighting the […]

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Defense would be the key to another Bucs’ rise

August 28, 2015 general

Friday, 6 a.m. Back then, we were hoping for an offense, too. Back then, it was a defense that grew great while we were barely watching. It happens this way. Watching the National Football League is to be mesmerized by the quarterbacks, and by the great running backs, and by the elusive wide receivers. Watching […]

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Now that’s he’s rich, David needs to win more

August 10, 2015 NFL

*** Updated *** Monday, 6 a.m. Even as a young man, Derrick Brooks could run. Lavonte David can run, too. Brooks could tackle. David can tackle. Brooks was relentless. David is relentless. Brooks was bright and studied like a madman. David is bright and studies like a madman. But Brooks won. And that is where […]

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10 Bucs who could give team a fighting chance

July 31, 2015 general

Friday 6 a.m. Bravely, they will try again. The Tampa Bay Bucs, a team with only a couple of brief shining eras, will once again try to play football with the big boys when they start training camp today. They are coming off a 2-14 season in which they paid millions to Josh McCown and […]

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AP All-Pro voting shows the Bucs just don’t matter

January 2, 2015 general

Friday, 12:59 p.m. How much work is ahead for the Tampa Bay Bucs? Oh, just tons of it. That’s all. I am looking at those who garnered votes for the AP All-Pro team. Not the winners. Just Content beyond this point is for members only.

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