Random Thoughts: What used to pass for sports?

by Gary Shelton on January 31, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Just wondering. In olden times, did storming the castle pass for sports? Jousts? Living through the plague?

– That's kind of like Australian Rules Football, right?

– In honor of freshman guard Duane Bacon, FSU's basketball team gave away free bacon to students Saturday night. Oh, if only Houston had thought of that when Cadillac Anderson played there.

– Now that the Bucs are running low on Ring-of-Honor candidates (James Wilder, Simeon Rice, Ronde Barber, Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden), here's an idea. How about a Ring of Dishonor? I say we start with Leeman Bennett, Sabby Piscattelli and Booker Reese.

– For those wondering: here's a reason that A-Rod can't escape PED suspicions. His life.

– In the movie Batman vs. Superman, former Packers' running back Ahman Greene plays the part of "Thug No. 2." Seriously. No word on who is Thug No. 1, but Greg Hardy has nothing to do.

– Dennis Rodman, the guy who hangs around with the despots of foreign countries, will not compete in a chicken-wing eating contest. Yep. Social climbing.

– Did Raiders' owner Mark Davis really see Viva Las Vegas too many times. Or is it that the Raiders haven't moved in, oh, 15 minutes or so.

– At this point, are the Browns more disappointed in Johnny Manziel or Manziel with the Browns?

– Ric Flair is attending Michigan's signing day. Does that mean Florida, FSU and USF are all bidding for Hulk Hogan?

– You know, if the Rays were to acquire a couple of more outfielders, they could get up a hockey game.

-- Year two for the Bucs' Ring of Dishonor: Josh Freeman, Hugh Culverhouse, Dexter Jackson.

– ESPN ranked the Super Bowls largely by the competitiveness of the games, not so much by what it meant. For instance, the Redskins and Doug Williams ranked only 39th of 49 games, which makes little sense. The Bucs win over the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII rankers, ironically, 37th.

– Oh, so now O.J. Simpson has CTE from playing football. I suppose that changes everything.

– Panthers' linebacker Luke Kuechly did the weather for a local TV station, but it wasn't the most challenging task to say “it's gonna be cold.” But Kuechly will eventually get to sports, where he'll have the harder “We gonna win'' message.

– Former Bucs' receiver Keyshawn Johnson is about to be placed on waivers by ESPN. If anyone can think of anything memorable Johnson ever said, it should go here.

– Maybe you understand that Ole Miss is being investigated for recruiting violations in football. But women's basketball? Track and Field? What? Wasn't the gymnastics team trying hard enough?

– In a Strat-o-Matic replay of the Super Bowl winners, the '85 Bears won. The Bucs, however, lost to the unbeaten Dolphins in the second round.

– Year three of the Bucs' Ring of Dishonor: Jack Thompson, Jeff Tedford, Raheem Morris.

– Interesting to read that Carolina made a legit run at trading for Peyton Manning when he came out. I suppose that means that the Panthers would have shuttled him off to make room for Cam Newton instead of the Colts running him off for Andrew Luck.

– In a game of last-tag, the late Elizabeth Bowman, 78, got in her shot. In her obituary, she said she pulled for all the Chicago athletes … except Jay Cutler. Cutler, who has his own dead arm, did not comment.

– Hey, didn't you used to be Jonathan Drouin?

– Golly, aren't coaches cuddly during recruiting season? Smiling, dancing, promising. It's only after the signature that they turn into dictators.

– So let's recount. Dallas was fine with Greg Hardy's domestic abuse. But being late for meetings is going just too far. In related news, Charles Manson littered.

– Now, how did this not work? Former Philadelphia Union coach Peter Nowak spanked rookie players so hard that his hand hurt, court documents say. Did Don Shula really do it that way?

– So who are Bucs' fans pulling for the NFL: the Carolina Panthers, who pretty single-handedly fired Lovie Smith (4-0, including two game with the backup quarterback). Or Denver, with Aqib Talib?

– Year Four of the Bucs' Ring of Dishonor: Trent Dilfer, Greg Schiano, Bo Jackson, Richard Williamson.

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