Random thoughts: Winston fourth among QBs

by Gary Shelton on March 27, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello, I'm Ben Affleck, and instead of all this conversation about bat flips, I think we should talk about the Bat flop.

– Seriously, Goose Gossage, then Johnny Bench, now Mike Schmidt are grumbling about how things aren't how they used to be. What? Is this Aunt Bee's pickling social? Let players have their fun.

– Jameis Winston finished fourth in the NFL networks ranking of quarterbacks from 2011-2016. That wouldn't be so bad, but Robert Griffin III was, in fact, third. Andrew Luck and Cam Newton were 1-2 in the rankings. Johnny Manziel was ninth.

– Quick poll: Who gets the most sympathy for their team losing in recent days? Fidel Castro? Or Mike Krzyzewski?

– The best part of buying Aaron Hernandez' old house for $1.5 million? It has a roomy gun closet.

– Do the math. All of the people in Cuba, and no one was a problem. But one nut in Bradenton takes the lead. Wow.

– Supposedly, the Rams drafted Michael Sam to avoid being on Hard Knocks. But wouldn't the drafting of Sam make the Rams a more interesting team? Why make a deal to not appear after taking him? And why would Hard Knocks care?

– If I'm a Cleveland Brown fan, I feel much better about Robert Griffin III than I do Johnny Manziel. At least he'll be sober as he stinks.

– There are two Tonya Harding movies in the works? Whichever one will Nancy Kerrigan watch first?

– According the Big Lead, the Rays have the 11th best rotation in baseball. The good news? In the AL East, only Boston (ninth) is ranked higher.

– Goodnight, Raymond Moore. You lunkhead.

– Sure is a good living in getting fired by USF, huh?

– Does anyone else think that Mark Cuban is about, oh, 17 minutes into his 15 minutes of fame?

– Superman's teams: The Yankees. The Dodgers. The Patriots. The Cavs. The Blackhawks.

– Batman's teams: The Rays. The Browns. The Bucs. The As. USF.

– Wonder Woman's team: UConn.

– The Raiders continue to flirt with the idea of moving to Las Vegas. Potential nicknames: The One-Armed Bandits. The Fightning Moe Greenes. The Seigfield and Roys.

– What's the over-under on time away for Maria Sharapova from women's tennis? I say three months, not four years.

– Matt Bush says his mistakes came when he was younger. Don't all mistakes come then?

– Aaron Rodgers said he saw an UFO once. Are we sure that Rob Gronkowski wasn't the pilot?

– Can Fidel Castro come out of hiding now? The Americans are gone.

– Dennis Rodman, Caitlyn Jenner and now O.J. Simpson supports Donald Trump? Some backers, you just don't need.

– Just asking: If Florida coach Jim McElwain hadn't finished the season on a losing streak, how much money would the Gators have given him?

– Is it just me, or is Krzyzewski turning into Bobby Knight in his old age? Chastising another team's player? Isn't that thinking a lot of yourself?

– So the Rolling Stones followed the Rays to Cuba. If you're counting, the Stones had a lot more hits.

– Do we have to go through this again? Novak Djokovic stepped right into 1968 when he endorsed more money for men's players this week. Repeat after me: Three hour movies don't get more for tickets than two-hour movies. It's about sales, and I didn't notice empty seats when I covered Wimbledon.

– Joel Glazer said the decision to fire Lovie Smith was a matter of looking forward, not back. That's a surprise. Looking forward, Lovie was 0-0. Looking back, he was 8-24 and wasted millions in free agency.


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