Random Thoughts: Who should Schilling back?

by Gary Shelton on May 15, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello. I'm Curt Schilling, and I'll bet it surprised you when I endorsed Donald Trump for president. Most of you might have expected Josef Stalin.

– It was cute when Dwyayne Wade ran past Victor Olapido and flipped his hat the other night. Which is as close at the Orlando Magic has come to the playoffs in years.

– It's hard to feel warm and fuzzy for Matt Bush's major league debut. It's like seeing Aaron Hernandez throw curveballs.

– “With the 11th pick in the NBA draft, the Orlando Magic select Dragan Bender, from the Game of Thrones University.”

–  Hey, this Lightning team could yet lose the series to Pittsburgh. But hasn't the Lightning changed the taste it left in your mouth this season?

–  In a poll by the Orlando Sentinel, Jordan Spieth was voted the most popular golfer...one vote ahead of Tiger Woods, who is currently ranked No 515 in the world.

–  Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson are a good duo, but the Bucs' receivers aren't blazers. But maybe they will be yet. Consider that 55-year-old Willie Gault was timed last week at 11.30 seconds for the 100 meters and 23.24 seconds for the 200, both records for his age. If you're wondering, I once covered 100 meters in 11.30 seconds, but it was by falling out of a second story window.

–  Kanye West, weird dude, compares his wife to O.J. Simpson in a new song. Uh, he wasn't saying that she made Hertz commercials, either.

-- Daljinda Kaur, a 70-year-old Indian woman, just gave birth. Which means that by the time they baby's out of diapers, she'll be in them.

– Greg Hardy, trying to fool you into thinking he's a better guy than he is, visited a fifth-grade class this week. No word if he completed the homework.

–  Did you see that Max Scherzer joined the 20,000 strikeout club this week. I wonder how long it will be before Corey Dickerson is a member.

– If the Raiders do move to Las Vegas, I say they change their names to the “One-Armed Bandits” or "Snake-Eyes." Or, maybe, “the Bugsy Siegels.”

–  CBSsports picks the Bucs for second in the NFC South with wild card possibilities. Of course, the Bucs were a trendy pick two years ago, and Anthony Collins happened. It is a better roster, however, even if the Bucs get only a nickel back, a situational rusher and a kicker out of the first two rounds of the draft.

– I don't care what anyone says. Greg Popovich would be a great Bond villain.

– I think USF gets into a power conference when there are about six more of them.

–  Tiger Woods, even now, earns $34,000 a tweet, which is about what it cost him every time he tweeted a girlfriend. On the other hand, Graeme McDowell  gets almost four grand a tweet, which is pretty good even on a Kardashian level.

–  So what does Freddy Adu think of Joe Cole? After all, it was Adu's disappointment who made him possible.

– Would you call Antonio Cromartie the most productive player in the NFL? Twelve kids later, I would.

– Twenty years after Dwight Gooden's no-hitter, the Daily News reports that he probably would have been pulled today. That night, Gooden threw 134 pitches and walked six, including two in the ninth inning.

– I wonder what Dave Casper thinks when he hears Rob Gronkowski is afraid of ghosts.

– On the other hand, Colorado pitcher Jon Gray hunts ghosts. So who you gonna call?

–  The Olympics in Rio will be much further along once someone flushes the ocean.

–  So the choices aren't bad enough in the presidential election. Some Republicans want Mark Cuban to run as a third-party candidate? What? Was Danny Snyder busy?

– NFL.com says the Bucs ended up with three of the top 50 draft picks in the league. In ranking the players who will make an impact, they have Vernon Hargreaves ranked eighth. They have Noah Spence at 21 and Roberto Aguayo at 46. Sounds like a bargain, since Hargreaves went 11th, Spence 39th and Aguayo 59th.

– Serena Williams said she tried some of her dog's gourmet food. Maybe it's just me, but if Lassie was sharing it with Benji, and they were special-ordering it for Rin Tin Tin, I'm going to pass.

–  Novak Djokovic is about to become the first tennis player to earn more than $100 million in prize money. And how many points has he won that you remember?

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