Random Thoughts: What would the Rays pay Price?

by Gary Shelton on December 6, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hi, I'm the linesman in the Clemson-North Carolina game, and does anyone know what those stripes on the field are for? Offsides?

– David Price could be making $31 million a year with the Rays, of course. All he would need would be the right six numbers and Lotto to climb to $28 million a year.

– Of course the Cleveland Browns are interested in making Urban Meyer their coach. Why, he's the college version of Johnny Manziel, so what could go wrong?

_ Maybe this will make Doug Williams feel a little nostalgia when he goes into the Ring of Honor today. Remember that $400,000 contract he was offered by the Bucs? Well, Jameis Winston is making $435,000. Of course, Winston also has more than a $4 million signing bonus coming to him and the rest of a $25,351,277 contract.

– So, about that woman in the Nissan commercial? That team she is raving about is the Titans, so her opinion isn't exactly solid.

– Aaron Hernandez wants to be a model prisoner. But who knew he wanted to model knives?

– Adrian Peterson passed O.J. Simpson on the rushing list. That'll probably ruin Simpson's day, huh?

– When Tiger Woods talks about his infidelities, is there a point where confessing turns into bragging? Just wondering.

– Coldplay? Does it have a 15-minute version of its hit?

– Barry Bonds is supposed to teach the Marlins hitting and chemistry. And maybe hitting and chemistry.

– Michael Phelps said he wasn't 100 percent when he won eight gold medals in China. If he had been, would there be any gold left?

– Wonder what Zack Greinke thought of David Price's contract? Maybe that he was from the bargain basement.

– Fight to the death: Regulars in cell phone ads or regulars in insurance commercials?

– Interesting that the New Orleans Advocate says that FSU coach Jimbo Fisher was indeed in negotiations with LSU until the sticker price of firing Les Miles sobered people up.

– When you see the contracts being thrown at pitchers – Zack Greinke, David Price, Clayton Kershaw, and even Jeff Samardzija, you have to wonder: These days, would Babe Ruth even bother to switch?

– Shank? Aaron Hernandez had been watching Orange is the New Black, and he thought he was allowed to have a skank in his cell.

– I loved how ex-wrestler (actor) Taz accused Ronda Rousey of taking a dive, and then said he meant no disrespect. In real competition, Taz, losing on purpose is a bad thing.

– What are the chances that Austin Saferian-Jenkins plays today? What are the odds he is injured?

– You could suggest Alabama coach Nick Saban had sold his soul, but what would a little-bitty thing like that be worth?

– Nancy Kerrigan is spending a lot of time on the ice these days as choreographer for Skate Niagara Ice Show. She should be careful though, because that skating fire hydrant looks a lot like Tanya.

– Now that he's getting paid more, Jon Cooper looks a lot smarter behind the Lightning bench, huh?

– I guess you have to understand why Eddie Lacy missed curfew the night before the Packers-Lions game. After living in Green Bay, a night in Detroit seemed too good to waste.

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