Random Thoughts: Was Brady the original cheat?

by Gary Shelton on May 17, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello, I'm Tom Brady. And yes, it was me driving the snowplow. And telling Bill Belichick he should spy on other teams.

–Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail. But I also know it's Tiger Woods, who has even less credibility. At this point, I'd be surprised if Tiger didn't have a girlfriend.

– So let me get this straight. Lance Armstrong doesn't even get it right when he says he was a cheat?

– Goodnight, Garo. Rest in peace.

– Evander Holyfield beat Mitt Romney? Doesn't everyone?

– I say we make Jameis Winston wait for the Hall of Fame. The Ring of Honor will do until he plays

– Chris Simms says their last name hurts the cause of little brother Matt. Gee. Did it devalue under Phil? Or under Chris?

– Yeah, I think Bobby Bowden earned the right to an opinion. To suggest otherwise would be an embarrassment.

– Florida is desperate enough to start accepting used Vanderbilt quarterbacks? What? Did they need someone to read Chaucer?

– You know what the Bucs' Ring of Honor needs? It needs a super-hero. How about Batman? As Doug Williams says, Richard Wood was Derrick Brooks before Derrick Brooks.

– The National Enquirer never stops being the National Enquirer. Now it says that O.J. Simpson has the hots for Bruce Jenner. Evidently, you can make this stuff up.

– Wonder who John Tortorella is pulling for in the Lightning-Rangers series?

– Before you buy playoff tickets, keep this in mind. Gil Brandt of the NFL.com rated the Bucs as only the 15th-best draft in the NFL. He had Jameis Winston picked only fifth. No word on where the Bucs had Gil Brandt rated.

– According to the latest rankings, Ben Roesthlisberger is now better than Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers. Analyst Elliot Harrison has him behind only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. No mention of Jameis Winston. Yet.

– Or Josh McCown.

– Does anyone else think Tier would have aready caught the Golden Bear if he wasn't looking for someone else bare?

– This is no lie. The NFL is now debating how long it takes to go to the bathroom and wash your hands. Soon, they will begin to argue if a towel or an air-blower was in play.

– Harry Shearer, or Mr. Burns, is leaving the Simpsons to concentrate on his other job. Owning the Bucs.

– It would sure be easier to feel bad for Tom Brady if he didn't take the fifth all the time. It kind of takes the air of his defense.

– No one should be surprised that Aaron Rodgers won on Celebrity Jeopardy, beating Kevin O'Leary and astronaut Mark Kelly. My answer would be “Why are O'Leary and Kelly celebrities?''

– At age 74, former Kansas City linebacker Bobby Bell has his diploma. It would have happened sooner, but his chemistry homework was a bear.

– Heart-warming story of the week: A blind pole-vaulter, Charlotte Brown, took third place in the Texas state track championships.

– Former Titans player Ryan Moulton says that Aaron Hernandez once threatened to kill him. Just a guess, but Hernandez may try to get around to it yet.

– Milton Bradley has started to serve his 32-month sentence for domestic abuse. No word yet when he will sign with the Dallas Cowboys.

– Judging from the attendance numbers. A-Rod isn't even worth paying to boo these days.

– Did you read that CFL players Khalif Mitchell said the Holocost never happened. Personally, I think Khalif Mitchell's career never happened.

– As it turns out, Aaron Hernandez would kill to have his murder conviction thrown out. Just asking: Were the victim's appeals heard?

– I shouldn't laugh, but did you see that Colts' lineman Arthur Jones bought a Vorvettr, and he's too big to ride in it. Good thing he didn't pass the Miata store on the way in.

-- A transgender former Navy Seal says that Bruce Jenner is no hero because of the way Jenner is parceling out her “money-grubbing'' way of parsing out news on the Kardashian TV show. Kristen Beck is running for congress in Maryland. And didn't you figure this would end on Kardashian TV?

– Jerramy Stevens served three whole days in jail. That'll teach him.

– The Boston Herald asks “Why do they hate us?'' Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you're simpering homers.

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