Random Thoughts: Sooners only needed 22 baskets

by Gary Shelton on April 3, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hi. I'm the oddsmaker at Bovada. And I have to tell you how disappointing it is to have bet Oklahoma but with only 43 points.

– Is it just me? Or when I see that photo of Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, does anyone else think of gas pumps. Which one is the regular, and which one is the high test.

– Judging by all the fines, is Denver's Von Miller personally trying to redo that silly “more beans” scene from Blazing Saddles?

– Tiger Woods says he won't play in this year's Masters. Surprisingly, his chances of winning were not affected.

– I'm betting North Carolina. Reason one: Dean Smith. Reason two: Michael Jordan. Reason three: Phil Ford. Reason four: James Worthy. Reason five: Everyone else.

– So that buried knife turns out not to be the murder weapon in the O.J. Simpson case. At best, it's just part of a set. These days, Simpson means the same thing as Ginsu.

– That didn't take long. Philadelphia will apologize to Jackie Robinson 69 years too late. And 43 years after his death. Brotherly love, my eye.

– So the Jets signed Bruce Carter. He lost his starting job with the Bucs in about a week. I wonder how quick he'll find the New York bench.

– Brett Favre says he was in his third year in the NFL before he knew what a nickel defense was. In his first year, however, he figured out that the Bucs' defense in those days wasn't worth two cents.

– Want to know why The Bronze is flopping? Because no one can do absurd the way that the real Tonya Harding did. Still, the photos of an aging bar queen flipping off Hollywood executives is just kind of, well, sad.

– In redrafting last year's picks, the Pointafter.com still had the Bucs taking Jameis Winston. No surprise there, but they also had Donovan Smith going to the Panthers at No. 25 and Kwon Alexander going to New England at No. 32.

– If Dennis Rodman coaches the Knicks, how long before that trip to North Korea is announced?

– Just asking: If Aaron Hernandez was released from prison today due to a technicality, how long before an NFL team (the Raiders?) would be on the phone?

– Drugs? Gambling? Money Laundering? Was Derek Loville trying to win the Triple Crown?

– Hopefully, surgery will keep Steven Stamkos from gripping a Toronto pen.

– One of the joys of life are New York Post headlines. When the Mets' Matt Harvey came down recently with a bladder infection, the newspaper ran a series of them: The best: “Gee Whiz” and “Field of Streams” and “Pee Brain.”

– ESPN ranked each of the NCAA national championship basketball teams, and it seemed to favor the brand names in doing so. Florida ranked only 31st and 53rd with its two back-to-back national champions, behind nine UCLA teams and four North Carolina teams. And one Texas Western team.

– Before Oklahoma, has there ever been a Final Four team that didn't deserve to finish in the top 10?

– I saw that prank that Rob Gronkowski pulled on Tom Brady with a napping Brady having his hand in the water, and I thought it was funny. Roger Goodell saw it and didn't think there was sufficient fluid in the cup.


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